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1926 Lancia Lambda

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Lancia produced just over 11,000 different Lambdas in nine separate series from 1923 to 1931. 1,300 Sixth Series examples were built in model/production years, 1925 and 1926. This Lambda is one of those examples completed in the Six Series. We are incredibly fortunate that the assembly details and records for this particular 6th Series Lancia Lambda survive. They document that chassis No. 15656 was ordered to be built and assembly began on Friday, January 15th, 1926. Lancia assigned it vehicle number 4664 indicating it was the 4,664th vehicle assembled by the famed Turin manufacturer. The Tipo 67, 2.12-liter, 50bhp, V-4 engine assigned to this vehicle was No. 4709. Originally this Lambda was fitted a Tipo 112, four-speed gearbox, No. 1509. This was later replaced by an identical gearbox, No. 4599. The assigned rear axle assembly with 4.16:1 final drive ratio was No. 4690.

Lancia's internal records indicate that the bare monocoque chassis was completed and first tested five days later on Wednesday, January 20th and again five days later, on Monday, January 25th paintwork was completed and the following day, the vehicle was officially declared ready for delivery to her first fortunate new owner.

What became of this Lancia next is currently not known. Ownership and how it survived the war in such an original and preserved state is not documented at this time. The car was however well known in Italian Lancia circles beginning in the early 1980s when it was observed and documented by serval club members and later used as a reference point on the restoration of several other Lambdas that had not survived so well. The vehicle was actively sought out by restorers over the next few years to continue helping in the restoration of others. The long-term family ownership of the car came to an end in 1990. The new owner then arranged for a formal inspection by the ASI (Automotoclub Storico Italiano) on October 29th 1991. A formal Declaration of Technical Characteristics was then issued by the ASI and it remains with the vehicle to this day. From this document and the original Factory Records, it was confirmed that this particular Lambda remained fitted with its original “born with” engine as delivered new in January of 1926.

In 2005, the Italian owner offered this Lancia for sale to various club members. It was described as having less than 5,000 kilometers on a full mechanical and cosmetic restoration and included full soft top, tonneau covers and all of the original side curtains as well for all weather driving. It was then sold in July of 2007 for 120,000 Euros ($160,000) to a private Japanese Museum Collection and formally imported and road-registered in Japan. Earlier this month, we purchased and imported the vehicle to the States. After clearing US Customs, EPA/DOT and DHS releases were issued a new California title was issued in our company name.

Full services have just been completed and I have had the pleasure of both fully inspecting and driving this very special vehicle. This Lambda was the recipient of a restoration some time ago; the body appears to have been repainted in the present blue, with nicely contrasting, black painted, correct 20″ wire wheels and black tonneau cover. The interior upholstery was also redone some time ago; it features the correct and beautiful original gauges including a Jaeger MPH speedometer and clock, and Le Nivex fuel gauge.

Finished off with a full top and side curtains and a rear mounted spare, this Lambda is outfitted with all of the full weather accouterments one might desire on, say, a Peking-to-Paris road trip. This Lambda offers an intriguing chance to acquire one of the most historically robust and technically advanced pre-war touring cars and one of the Italian motoring industry's finest achievements to date.

• 2,120cc SOHC V4 Engine
• Single Zenith, Side-Draft Carburetor
• 50bhp at 3,250rpm
• 4-Speed Manual Transmission
• Sliding Pillar Independent Front Suspension – Live Rear Axle
• 4-Wheel Mechanical Drum Brakes