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1965 Alfa Romeo 1600

1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA 1600 Corsa, chassis No. AR 752540

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Little introduction is needed for Alfa's wonderful series of GTA vehicles built from 1965 to 1975. These were a special derivative of the Tipo 105 Series Coupés that had been introduced in 1963. The main difference was a massive weight reduction program with body panels in alloy and a large number of alloy and magnesium components used throughout the vehicle to bring weight to an absolute minimum. The “A” in GTA stood for the Italian word “Alleggerita” or “lightweight.” Weight reduction was taken to the extreme. For comparison a regular production Giulia Sprint GT had a curb weight of 1,130kgs / 2,491lbs while the GTA came in at only 820kgs / 1,810lbs!

Initially there were two basic variations, both with highly tuned, classic Alfa twin-cam, twin-plug, four-clyinder, in-line engines and five speed gearboxes coupled to a live rear axle. The “Corsa" or racing version was destined strictly for track and pure competition use. A more refined and comfortable “Stradale” or road version was also available. 500 examples were completed giving the car FIA Homologation status as a true “GT” racer and these small and nimble machines immediately proved themselves more than capable against even the most powerful 5 and 7-liter engined racers of the day.

1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA 1600 Corsa, chassis No. AR *752540*

This particular Alfa Romeo GTA 1600 Corsa was one of a handful of rare examples that were originally completed with right-hand-drive steering. The Alfa Romeo Factory assembly records record that it was otherwise a standard example finished with a red exterior and black interior and given a completion date of July 22nd, 1965. The records also record a selling date of March 2nd, 1966, some seven months later to the USA Alfa Romeo Distributor, Alfa Romeo, Inc., in Newark, New Jersey. It is unknown why the car remained with Alfa Romeo unsold for more than half a year. After arriving in the States, the car was sold to the regional Alfa dealer, Giuffre Alfa Romeo in New York City. After arrival at Giuffre, the vehicle was quickly prepared for Trans Am racing and sold as such, fully prepared to Richard Peritz of Little Neck, New York. From the Spring of 1966 until sometime in 1970, this Alfa GTA raced in a variety of Trans Am and SCCA events both here in the States and in Canada. After her race days were over, this GTA was stored in the New York / Pennsylvania area until finally being sold to William C. Winne of Sewickley, Pennsylvania in the late 1970s. Winne later moved to Long Beach, California and brought his prized GTA with him. Subsequent owners included a variety of well-known Alfa Romeo collectors and historic racers, including; Al Cortes, Joey Mazzotta, Enrico Tonetti and Dr. Paul Schouwenburg.

AR *752540* Today:
In 2015, this GTA was purchased by an experienced collector and historic racer here in the States. After import, his mechanics gave the car a full and thorough vetting in preparation for an active roll in historic races, rallies and tours around the world. A change in plans came about with the purchase of additional vehicles for his collection and it was decided to pass this special vehicle onto a new fortunate caretaker. This GTA is fully prepared and safety checked with no running time on a full and fresh rebuild of all components. A recent rolling dynamometer test indicated 175bhp at the rear wheels from a stock displacement, original and correct 1600cc engine running on street “Pump” gasoline.

Please feel free to contact me for additional assistance in arrange for inspection and test-drives of this very special Alfa Rome GTA.

Chronological History of AR*752540 as compiled by GTA historian Ken Geiger of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with assistance form a variety of other contributors and former owners:


July 22, 1965 The Alfa Romeo Documentation Centre records the following information is contained in their records for chassis No. AR*752540*: “According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR*752540* originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint RHD, manufactured on the 22nd of July 1965 and sold on the second of March 1966 to Alfa Romeo Inc., Newark, USA. The body colour is red with a black interior.


March 2, 1966 Recorded by Alfa Romeo as having been sold on the second of March 1966 to Alfa Romeo Inc., Newark, New Jersey, USA.

Then sold by Alfa Romeo Inc., to Carmelo Giuffre Alfa Romeo, New York, NY.

Bought as a Prepared Racing GTA by Richard (Dick) Peritz, Little Neck, NY.

June 19, 1966 Entered in the SCCA Regional, Bridgehampton Race where it finished 3rd Overall and 2nd in Class.

July 10 1966 Entered in the Bryar Trans Am Race where it was driven by Peritz/Kerman to and 11th Overall and 6th in the U2 Class.

July 30/31 1966 Entered in the Virginia International Raceway 400 Trans Am race in Danville,Virginia using race number 63. Driven by Richard Peritz, Little Neck, New York and Gerry Dorman, Cambria Heights, New York. The race was 106 laps and they finished 12th Overall and 9th in the U2 Class. 9U2

Then in the Bryar SCCA race the car received minor damage on the very first lap when cut off by an Austin Healey Sprite. After the race the car was repaired and repainted blue.


May 13, 1967 Entered in the SCCA Mohawk Hudson Regional Race at Lime Rock Park, Connecticut wearing race number 88. There it was driven by Gerald Dorman to a well earned 1st in Class. (A photo from this race can be found on Racing Sports Cars.)

Then shipped to Canada for additional Trans Am racing.

May 21, 1967 Entered in the Les 4th du Circuite, Mont Tremblant at St. Jovite, Quebec, Canada race again wearing race number 88. Driven again by Gerald Dorman and Richard Peritz. They finished 19th Overall and 8th in Class.

Peritz then sold this GTA to his former Co-Driver Dorman who had it shipped back to the States for additional Trans AM races that Season.

May 30, 1967 Entered in the Trans Am Lime Rock Park 30 min Consolation Race, Lime Rock, Connecticut again wearing race number 88. Driven by Gerald Dorman and Dr. Arthur Mollin. Entered under the team banner, Arthur Mollin Racing. The car however did not start or finish the race and was only used in practice.

May 30, 1967 Entered in the Trans Am Lime Rock Park, Connecticut race again wearing its usual number 88. Assigned drivers were as before, Gerald Dorman and Dr. Arthur Mollin. Also as before entered under the Arthur Mollin Racing team banner but the car did not actually race and was likely only driven in practice if at all.

Then No additional known races for the remainder of the 1967 Season.

-1968 & 1969

No race evidence or ownership changes found, however it is thought that the car was likely sold back to the dealer, Carmelo Giuffre Alfa Romeo in New York.


Entered in the Lime Rock Trans Am Race by Giuffre. A photo of the car shows it wearing race number 96 but the car did not finish the race for unknown reason.

Then Entered in the Bryar Trans Am Race by Giuffre using race number 96 again but it appears the car was only entered in the race and did not start.


Believed to have been sold during this time frame to the dealer, Giuliano Verna Alfa Romeo of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Craig Morningstar and Ex-Alfa Romeo, Inc., executive reports that dealer Giuliano Verna Inc. of Philadelphia, sold the car to William (Bill) C. Winne, a resident at that time of Sewickley, Pennsylvania.

Feb 11, 1978 William C. Winne obtains a new Pennsylvania Certificate of Title, number “A30959196” which identifies the car as an Alfa Romeo GTA with the chassis number 752540.


Feb 1980 Bill Winne advertises for GTA parts in the publication The OWNER. He states: “parts to complete the car, vinyl racing seat, inside door pull strap, double ignition parts, 6X14” “Campagnolo."

Oct 1980 Bill Winne advertises this GTA for sale in the OWNER describing it as follows: “fresh engine, roll cage, sliding block, 6X14” Campagnolo fuel cell, for sale, relocation forces sale."

1980 Sometime later in 1980, Bill Winne moves to Long Beach, California, taking his GTA with him.


Sometime early in 1981, Craig Morningstar notes that he drove this GTA, complete with Sliding Block Rear Suspension on the street in California using corporate dealer plates.

March 1981 GTA 752540 Advertised for sale in the OWNER, by Bill Winn, Long Beach, California.

April 1981 GTA 752540 Advertised for sale in the OWNER, by Bill Winn again.

1981 Sometime later in 1981 Bill Winne sold this GTA to Al Cortes. The original Pennsylvania title, No. A30959196 is then signed over to Cortes.


June 18, 1983 Entered by Al Cortes in the ARSC Time Trials.


Late 1988 Body refreshed and new paint started by Paul Van der Linden and Erik Bacon of Vintage Preparations.


Early 1989 Vintage Preparations completes a freshening of the car and painting.

later in 1989 Al Cortes sells this GTA to Mark Leonard's Grand Prix Classics of La Jolla, California.

Then in 1989 Pictured at Grand Prix Classics.

Aug 1989 Mark Leonard/Grand Prix Classics sells this GTA to Joey Mazzotta who receives the original old signed over Pennsylvania title.

Later in 1989 Entered by Mazzotta, at Riverside Historic Races where the car is seen using race number 391.


Believed to have been to then successfully raced in various historic events.

Feb 1992 Advertised in the Alfa Romeo Market Letter by Grand Prix Classics and described as having many Auto Delta parts, raced 1989/90.

May 1992 Advertised in Hemmings Motor News for sale at Grand Prix Classics.

1992 Photographed at Grand Prix Classics still wearing race number 391.

Oct 1992 Sold to Enrico Tonetti in Italy though Mark Leonard/Grand Prix Classics and then imported to Italy.


Believed to have then been raced in Historic events in Europe by new owner Enrico Tonetti.


June 25 2008 Offered for sale in Germany by Elio Cocciarelli, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Rauber, D, tel. 09861/7812, and described as “1965 original, Facetti-engine AR00514*08796*, 150 hp, Magnesium valve cover and sump, rear axle 8/41, race ready, fuel cell expired 10/05, 5000 km, Magnesium bell house not fitted, for sale, EUR110,000.

Oct 01 2008 Offered for sale again in Germany by Elio Cocciarelli, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber, D, tel. 09861/7812, LHD, for sale Eur 110000.


Purchased by Dr. Paul Schouwenburg in the Netherlands now converted to LHD. He contacts a variety of individuals requesting help with the vehicle's early history.


Joey Mazzotta sends a copy of the front and back of Pennsylvania title to GTA historian Ken Geiger who has been carefully researching the vehicle.

2012 Joey Mazzotta sends a photo of a Painting showing Mazzotta and this GTA wearing race number 391.

2012 Various individuals and historians are contacted and contribute to Geiger's growing data base of information on this GTA.


2013 Additional research by Geiger continues and more individuals, former owners and others are contacted and contribute to the car's history file.

Oct 21 2013 Dutch Vehicle Registration and License plate "AR-64-11” are issued to Schouwenburg. The car is registered to #4 Grenslaan Street, 2111GH, NL.


2014 Additional research by Geiger continues and more individuals, former owners and others are contacted and contribute to the car's history file.


2015 Paul Schouwenburg sells this GTA to a new USA owner. European and other documents are included and car is imported formally back to the United States.