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1988 Porsche 959

1988 Porsche 959 Komfort

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-Ultra-rare, special order, special wish example
-Unique one of one configuration
-Three owners from new
-Matching numbers
-Complete records, receipts and documentation from new
-Complete original books, tools, safety equipment and spares packaging
-Ultra low, 10,300 original kilometers from new (6,400 miles)
-Perfect mechanicals and cosmetics
-All services and safety checks current and up to date

Year 1988
Make Porsche
Model 959
VIN No *WPOZZZ95ZJS900248*
Engine No *65H00310*
Engine Type M959/50
Gearbox No *75H00318*
Gearbox Type G59/01
BAUR Build/Job No *53900224*
Production Sequence No 242
Exterior Color Special Order Black
Interior Color Special Order Black
Ordering Dealer Porsche Factory Direct Client Delivery
Completed December 1988
Sold December 28th, 1988
Mileage 10,130 Kilometers (6,294 Miles)

-Special Order Options Exclusive Client Request (Code 00011, 00311 & 00321)
-Color to Sample Exterior “0011 color to sample special wish A1 black"
-Color to Sample Interior “0031 interior to sample special wish / leather black "
-Sport Seats Left and Right “0032 carpet to sample special wish / black"
-Electrically Operated Seats Left and Right
-Special Bridgestone Tires
-Vehicle to Domestic German Road-Rule Specifications
-Factory Direct Delivery with Road Registration

Porsche 959 Background:
A stunning expression of Porsche's technical prowess and unwavering commitment to victory, the 959 continues to electrify sports-car enthusiasts even today, 30 years after production commenced. Conceived following the 1980 installation of Peter Schutz, who as Porsche company president favored intensive development of the 911, the 959 was rooted in the all-wheel-drive 911 concept debuted at the 1981 Frankfurt Motor Show. This was followed by the twin-turbo Gruppe B of 1983, inspired by the short-lived FIA rally class. Introduced to great anticipation at the 1985 Frankfurt Motor Show, the 959 was built upon a highly modified galvanized body shell derived from the 930, but radically updated. Lightweight composite body panels included the first production use of DuPont Kevlar, plus aluminum for the doors and front lid, and a polyurethane nose cap. Almost relentless wind-tunnel testing yielded zero lift, high downforce, and optimal cooling airflow. Underpinnings featured three ride-height positions and shock-damping settings, microprocessor-controlled ABS brakes with ventilated, cross-drilled discs, and run-flat tires. The 2,849 cc flat-six featured water-cooled cylinder heads, twin sequential turbochargers, and intercooling to deliver 450bhp. Power was transmitted through electronically controlled all-wheel drive. Top speed was just over 200mph, with acceleration from rest to 60 mph achieved in just 3.6 seconds. Exact production numbers are a bit elusive but Ian Kuah published the following in Excellence Magazine based on direct Factory production quotes:

1985 16 Preproduction prototypes
21 Preproduction models
1987 106 Komfort models
7 Sport models
1988 149 Komfort models
29 Komfort models partially converted to Sport models for the USA market
1992 8 Komfort model poduction recommenced using spare parts

From the above tables, in all variations and forms it would appear that a total of 336 examples were built. Porsche however further confused the situation by stating repeatedly that a total of 339 examples were built. It is likely that some of the preproduction prototypes and preproduction models were rebuilt as production examples. Further confusing the situation, Porsche's states that 242 Komfort models were completed, for the official production model years 1987 and 1988, it appears however that a total of 255 standard Komfort models were actually completed if the above figures are to be believed.

Initial orders were processed with a purchase price of just over $300,000. The actual selling price was meaningless to Porsche as it was rumored at the time that actual build cost was probably double that figure with sales sales being exclusively geared towards highly favored and loyal clients as well as a variety of notable celebrities and motor industry and motor sport key figures. More recently after Porsche Client Services began a new program of service, restoration and upgrades for 959 owners, they stated privately, that actual build cost divided by the number of completed examples translates to an individual build cost of each 959 at more than $750,000. Those fortunate enough to buy one new at the original invoiced price likely had no idea of what a bargain they were actually getting.

1988 Porsche 959 KOMFORT *WPOZZZ95ZJS900248*
Clearly any original 959 is to be considered a special machine and treated as such. There are a few that stand out amongst those built that are even more special and this particular 959 is one of them. Under a special set of five digit, rather than the standard three digit option codes, this Porsche was special ordered new by favored Porsche client, Tobias Hagenmeyer who's family founded the world famous GETRAG gearbox firm of which he was the president. Under special wish option codes; 00011, 00311 and 00321, Hegenmeyer was able to have assembled a true “piece-unique” 959. Only just recently were specific details of how these three option codes break down was provided to us by Porsche Client Services. The Hagenmeyer was a complete “Special Order / Special Wish” example and configured as follows:

-Special color to sample exterior in black
-Special color to sample interior in black
-Special carpeting to sample in black
-Sport Seats Left and Right in Solid Colors
-Electrically Operated Seats Left and Right
-Special Bridgestone Tires
-Vehicle to Domestic German Road-Rule Specifications
-Factory Direct Delivery with Road Registration

I maintain a fairly detailed data base on each of the seven different 959 Porsches our company had bought and sold and also share information and details with a variety of enthusiasts and historians on the other 959s completed. To date, this is the sole 959 that we have encountered that was built without any of the standard three digit production option codes. Interestingly the COA provided by Porsche North America list no options of any kind other than equipment for Germany and Bridgestone tires. It does not even identify the vehicle's exterior or interior color. When I initially asked my contact at Porsche for clarification, she stated formally that; “The information was not recorded.” but informally she stated that the specific records for this 959 were not for public release or disclosure. This is the first time, I have ever been denied accessing the build details for a specific Porsche that we have purchased. Despite not being able to initially obtain additional details from Porsche, this 959 retains both the under front bonnet assembly label and the original warranty book label and both list all three of the special wish, special delivery five-digit option codes noted above. A new Porsche client services representative was able to provide confirmation and clarification and we know know that all three of the codes reflect the special order / special wish nature of this 959.

Porsche records that just four 959s were completed with black exteriors. Three of which used the standard exterior black color combination. One of these was finished with an all tan interior, another with black and red piping on a color to sample specification and the other with the standard silver-grey interior with the “tri-colored” or rainbow pattern seats.

Assembly of the Hagenmeyer 959 took place in the Fall of 1988. This was a very late production example built under BAUR Build/Job number "224” and utilizing body/production sequence number “242", chassis number “248", engine number “310" and gearbox number “318" all of which this Porsche retains to this day, i.e.; “Matching Numbers.”

Final testing and completion of this Porsche took place in early December, 1988 with the official delivery and sale date at the Factory on December 28th which is also recorded on the inside of the original warranty card. A special stamping stating “WERKSAUSLIEERUNG” or Factory Delivery is stamped on the left inside cover and another stamping just below states delivery at:

Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche
7000 Stuttgart 40
Porschestrabe 42-Rostfach 40 06040

Not only was the Hegenmeyer 959 assembled and completed as something very special but even after delivery it continued to receive special treatment. Over the next 25 years, all services, safety checks and maintenance were handled directly at Porsche's Client Services in Stuttgart. Extremely detailed and comprehensive records as well as Porsche Factory Maintenance stamps and mileage are carefully recorded in the original warranty and maintenance booklet.

In 2012, after nearly 25 years of trouble-fee enjoyment, this 959's front polyurethane nose panel was damaged and required replacement. The repairs and paintwork were carried out at Porsche Client Services under the supervision of Jan Heilmann. At the same time, it was agreed that this 959 would receive a full update to Porsche Factory 959 Stage II updates. The entire drive train were carefully removed and completely overhauled and rebuilt with a variety of updates and improvements that included, smaller and faster spooling turbos, more efficient intercoolers, and a re-mapped ECU amongst many other items. After the completion of the repairs and the Stage II updates, Porsche put this 959 on a dynamometer test stand and which indicated that engine peak horsepower was now 594.5bhp which corrected to actual at the wheel horsepower was 557.4bhp, an increase of more than 100bhp over the stock quoted output of 450bhp.

In April of 2013 after the completion of repairs, Stage II updates and full services by the Porsche Factory, the Hagenmeyer 959 was sold via Porsche Client Services to Mr. Philip Radziwill a prominent businessman and classic car collector from Monaco. Total mileage at the time of the sale was just over 7,300 kilometers (4,500 miles.)

After returning to Monaco, it was decided that the paint on the front nose panel was not an exact match. The car was then shipped to famed paint specialists, Ross Packard Paintwork in New Milton, Hants, UK, on the South Coast of England near the port cities of Southhampton and Portsmouth. The work was to a standard far above that originally available in the 1980s. The quality of the repaint is so good in fact that it has on several occasions fooled even the most knowledgeable experts who all believed after inspections that it had never been painted. The vehicle paintwork was completed in January of 2016 and this 959 now having covered 9,500 kilometers (5,900 miles) was sold to an American collector in California joining an extensive array of the worlds finest Porsches, Ferraris and other notable marques. After formal import and road-registration in the States, this 959 saw very little use during his short ownership and our company was fortunate enough to be able to acquire it in March of 2017.

Porsche 959 *WPOZZZ95ZJS900248* Today:
My initial inspections of this Porsche left me near speechless. Having had the pleasure of inspecting, buying, driving and selling quite a few different examples over the years, I was taken back by the absolutely perfect mirror-like finish of the exterior black paint. Panel fit and finish are extraordinary, no easy feet on the 959 which uses a full complement of fiberglass, polyurethane, Kevlar, steel and alloy panels in its very complicated construction. Further inspections of the interior, front compartment and engine bay all revealed faultless originality and correctness to a level I have not yet seen equalled. I was given ample opportunity to inspect all of the rare accessory items that accompanied Porsche's 959 when new, all of which are near impossible to obtain if they are missing. As originally completed, Porsche provided the following supplemental items when delivering a 959 to her new fortunate custodian:

-Fitted Car Cover and Storage Bag
-Combination Tool & Road Spare Parts Kit
-Jack and Safety Kit
-Tire Inflation Kit &Tire Gauge
-First Aid Kit

In addition to this, Porsche provided an audio cassette to be listened to by the new owner prior to first drives. An extremely comprehensive set of manuals, operation and maintenance booklets and supplements were also provided in a unique burgundy colored pouch with 959 embossing. My inspection confirmed that not only was this 959 complete with all of these original delivery items but that each item was pristine and un-used, as delivered new, most still un-opened and in their original delivery wrappings.

Next came an examination of all of the records and documents relating to the construction, purchase, delivery and maintenance and servicing of this Porsche. As with the other items during my inspection, I was overwhelmed by the extent of what had been retained and preserved with this very special machine. Complete records of mileage and service as well as all repair and maintenance receipt and records not only documented the vehicle completely but confirmed how carefully it had been cared for, conserved and preserved during the past thirty years. Despite not being able to test-drive this 959 during my initial inspections due to horrendous rain, I was sufficiently satisfied with all I had seen to agree immediately that day to a purchase. A painfully long week went by before we were able to take delivery. After safety checks and inspections by our service department, I was finally able to complete test-drives, photo inspections and to get this 959 on the rack for bottom side inspections.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is the single finest, correct and original 959 I have yet encountered. It is also by a large margin the most carefully cared for example and one of the lowest mileage examples I have yet seen. It goes with out saying that the beautiful and unique exterior and interior color as well as the Factory Stage II updates make this the finest driving 959 I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. It is very likely that I will never again encounter such a special 959 and also very likely that going forward this one will set the standard by which all others are judged.

Those interested in an opportunity to be this machines next fortunate caretaker or welcome to contact me at their convenience. I can provide more than 100 high resolution inspection photos, records and notes specific to this vehicle and all interested parties are welcome to contact me to arrange inspections and test drives.