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1992 Porsche Carrera RS

1992 Porsche 964 Carrera RS

Vehicle Specifications
Stock No:
Carrera RS
Engine No:
Exterior Color:
Polar Silver
Interior Color:
58,100 km
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Porsche 964 Carrera RS Background:
In 1992, Porsche produced a super-lightweight, rear-wheel-drive only version of their all new 964. It was designated with honors as the "Carrera RS" and made available only in the European market. This new 964 variant was based on Porsche's 911 "Carrera Cup" race car and harkened back to their legendary 2.7 and 3.0 RS and RSR racers. This new “Carrera RS” featured a revised version of the standard engine, designated as Typ. M64/03 internally, with an increased power output of 260 bhp with an all new lightweight flywheel coupled to a revised Typ. G50/10 transmission with closer ratios, asymmetrical Limited Slip Differential and steel syncromesh. A track-oriented suspension system with 40 mm lower ride height, stiffer springs, shocks and adjustable stabilizer bars and with the power steering system deleted finished out the vehicle's unique specifications.

A stripped-out interior devoid of power windows or seats, rear seats, air conditioning, cruise control, sound deadening or a stereo system and all new racing-bucket front seats were part of the very comprehensive overall package. The front bonnet was made entirely of aluminum and the chassis was as in previous race-only models, seam welded and sound deadening was completely deleted. Wheels were made of magnesium and the glass was thinner in the doors and rear window. This all new Carrera RS was as such approximately 345 pounds lighter than the production version and with lower suspension and higher engine output, essentially a race car for the street!

This new limited production Carrera RS was not sold in the United States mainly as Porsche Cars North America felt the car's aggressive tuning was not suited to the American market.

In order to appease devoted American 911 enthusiasts who wanted an RS model, Porsche produced the RS America. The RS America was produced as a model year 1993 and 1994 car based on the USA Carrera 2. The cars were offered in standard colors red, black and white and optional colors midnight blue metallic and polar silver. Several paint to order cars were manufactured in "Speed Yellow" which was initially called “Ferrari Yellow” but that did not sit too well with many of Porsche's higher up managers.

The RS America featured a distinctive "whale tail" spoiler, a partially stripped interior with flat door panels (from the European RS) and carpeting along with a luggage shelf replacing the rear seats. Cloth covered sports seats, 17 inch wheels and M030 Sports Suspension were fitted as standard. The logo "RS America" was written on the deck lid along with an "RS" logo in front of the rear wheels. Deleted to save weight were power steering, cruise control, powered side mirrors, air-conditioning, sunroof and radio, although the air-conditioning, sunroof and radio as well as a limited slip differential could be ordered as options.

The RS America was listed by Porsche as weighing 2,954 pounds which worked out to just 77 pounds lighter than the weight listed for a stock Carrera 2 which unfortunately was hardly in the end any different in overall weight and certainly not enough to make a measurable difference. The standard USA Carrera 2 brakes, engine and gearbox were used giving the car no better performance than the lesser priced and very similar Carrara 2. As a result of the badging and marketing employed by Porsche, it was the original pure Carrera RS that true enthusiasts and journalist devoted their full attention and before the small production run had ended, a new legend was born. Despite their very watered-down nature, the RS America was still a marketing success in the States and remains so even today on the secondary market.

Chassis No. WP0ZZZ96ZNS491679:

Year 1992
Make Porsche
Model 964 Carrera RS
Type 964/380
Commission No N02038
Production No 1426854
Body No 6854
Chassis No WP0ZZZ96ZNS491679
Engine No 62N82493
Engine Typ M64/03
Gearbox No G5010 2 003881
Gearbox Typ G50-10 Limited Slip
Completed May 11th, 1992
Sold New July 23rd, 1992
Country Code C08 (Japan)
Exterior Color Polar Silver Metallic (Code A8/A8)
Interior Color Black leath and leatherette with Tri-Tone Black/Dark Grey/Pearl Grey/Light Grey Seats
Mileage 58,050 Kilometers / 36,070 Miles

Type 964/380 Porsche RS Touring Option Package
Additional Options Incorporated at Time of Assembly:
-130 Instruments in English
-193 Japanese Market Version (Same as German Market with stickers badging in English)
-220 Limited Slip Differential
-231 Bridgestone / Yokohama High Speed / High Rated Tires
-323 Stickers / Badging without German Market Designations
-384 Leather Competition Seats in Leather Left
-385 Leather Competition Seats in Leather Right
-404 17 Inch Cup Magnesium Wheels 7.5 x 9
-434 German instructions in English for overseas (ROW) vehicle
-481 5-Speed Manual Gearbox
-492 Headlamps for Left-Hand Traffic
-564 Airbags Deleted
-656 Power Steering Deleted
-912 German Market ID plates Deleted
-983 Leather Front Seats

This particular 964 Carrera RS was special ordered new in March of 1992 by the exclusive Porsche Distributor of Japan, MiZWA in Tokyo on behalf of a local client. It was sold new July 23rd, 1992 and it remained perfectly serviced with every stamp in the warranty book until it was sold in 2014. This Porsche had two documented owners in Japan before it was sold and exported back to Europe in 2014.

The car was purchased by the well known UK Porsche dealer, Hexagon Classics. They sold it in January of 2015 to Mr. David Sampedro in Paris, France. It was purchased by a Belgian client of ours in February of 2022 where it was completely serviced and safety checked. It was then purchase by our company and imported to the States in December of 2022.

As noted previously, the idea and inspiration behind the 964 Carrera RS was to keep it as light as possible and in “Spartan” trim with no added features or weighty components. Despite this, it appears most owners totally defeated the purpose of these lightweight specials by adding in radios, power windows, power seats, AC etc… This particular example was ordered and delivered with nothing. It came new and remains as follows:

-No AC
-No Sunroof
-Manual Windows
-Manual External Mirrors
-Manual Seats
-No Radio
-No Rear Seat
-No Front or Rear Compartment Lighting or Wiring Harness
-Spot Welded Body Panels
-No Insulation or Soundproofing

Weight was just 1,230 kilogram / 2,712 lbs if you kept them like this, on the strict Porsche “diet" as originally conceived. The USA versions started out at 1,398 kilograms / 3,083 lbs but again, most owners asked for radios, AC, power windows and other weight added items that sort of defeated the whole purpose of the car.