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1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4

1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4

Vehicle Specifications
Stock No:
365 GTC/4
Engine No:
F 101 AC 000 00250
Exterior Color:
Rosso Cherry
Interior Color:
Black Cogolo
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Year 1972
Make Ferrari
Model 365GTC/4
Type Two-door, 2+2 Seat Berlinetta
Chassis No Ferrari F 101 AC 100 *15189*
Engine No Ferrari F 101 AC 000 *00250*
Gearbox No 616 300
Rear Axle No 616 N250
Rear Axle Ratio 11 x 45 (4.09:1)
Body No 108
Pininfarina Job No 256
Production Sequence No 256 of 505
Exterior Color Rosso Cherry (Color Code 95.3.9301 IT.)
Interior Color Black Cogolo (Full Leather)
Completed January 1972
Ordered New By Chinetti Garthwaite Imports, Inc.
1234 Lancaster Avenue
Rosemont, PA 19010 USA
Ordering Date July 6th, 1972
Order Placed By Jose Luis De Pedroso
534 New Gulph Road
Haverford, PA 19041 USA
Invoiced July 10th, 1972 on Invoice No. 1795, stock No. F88
For a total purchase price of $18,675
Delivered Ferrari Client Services, Modena, Italia August 2nd, 1972
(Tourist EE plate delivery for Summer Holiday Use)
Options -Extra Set of Chrome Borranii Wire Wheels (Fitted)
-Extra Complete Set of “Three-Eared” Knock Offs
-USA Equipment
-USA Instruments
-Air Conditioning
-Becker Mexico Olympia Radio with Electric Antenna and Speaker System
-Tool and Jack Kit
-Complete Set Including Spare, Michelin XWX Tires of size 215/70 VR 15
-One Set of Seat Protectors
-Body Shipping Protectors
-EE Tourist Plates and Green Card Insurance
Mileage 50,525 Miles

According to Ferrari's internal records, this particular Ferrari 365GTC/4 was completed new in January 1972 as a standard USA model with an exterior in Rosso Cherry (Color Code 95.3.9301 IT,) and an interior finished in Black Cogolo (Full Leather.) This Ferrari was built under Pininfarina Production Sequence No. 256. The individual component numbers at the time of production and to this day are as follows:

-Body No 108
-Production Sequence No 256
-Engine No 250
-Gearbox No 300
-Rear Axle No 250

(This is as such an all matching number vehicle retaining the main components, frame and body as originally assigned and completed by Ferrari in January of 1972)

Several moths after completion, this Ferrari was then assigned for sale on an order placed on July 6th, 1972 by Chinetti Garthwaite Imports, Inc., of 1234 Lancaster Avenue, Rosemont, PA 19010 USA on behalf of new owner, Jose Luis De Pedroso of 534 New Gulph Road, Haverford, PA 19041 USA. The order specified the car would be ready for delivery at Ferrari Client Services in Modena with assigned tourist “EE” plates and “Green Card” insurance in place for Mr. De Pedroso's use that Summer. Per Mr. De Pedroso's order, this Ferrari was completed specifically as follows:

-Extra Set of Chrome Borranii Wire Wheels (Fitted)
-Extra Complete Set of “Three-Eared” Knock Offs
-USA Equipment
-USA Instruments
-Air Conditioning
-Becker Mexico Olympia Radio with Electric Antenna and Speaker System
-Tool and Jack Kit
-One Set of Seat Protectors
-Body Shipping Protectors
-Complete Set Including Spare, Michelin XWX Tires of size 215/70 VR 15
-EE Tourist Plates and Green Card Insurance

Mr. De Pedroso agreed to pay $18,675 for this Ferrari but was given a credit of $9,000 by trading in his 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4, s/n 10099.

Mr. De Pedroso accepted delivery of his new Ferrari from Client Services on August 2nd, 1972. He then enjoyed the vehicle on a European holiday returning it to Ferrari Client Services at the end of August, 1972 at which time he requested that the vehicle be serviced and prepared at his expense for delivery via Chinetti Garthwaite Imports, Inc., in Rosemont, PA for follow on delivery to his home in Haverford, PA.

Mr. De Pedroso retained and enjoyed this Ferrari over the next 26 years and was recorded in various FOC and FCA registers as the owner residing and maintaining the Ferrari at his home in Haverford, PA 19041 USA. Sometime circa 1990 the vehicle began to perform poorly backfiring and having starting and driving issues. The car was stored and not driven when it was offered for sale by De Pedroso. This Ferrari was then sold and purchased by Karam Automotive, Inc., of 104 North Patton Street, West Chester, PA 19380 and then sent to Algar Ferrari of Rosemont, PA 19010 on September 8th, 1998. At the time of purchase and this service, this Ferrari had covered 20,807 miles from new.

Upon completion of these services, this Ferrari was offered for public sale. In February of 1999, David Romer of 5565Canoga Avenue, No. 304, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 requested the services of noted Ferrari Restorer, Mike Regalia to source and located a suitable V12, front engined Ferrari to supplement a 1985 308 GTS Quatrovalve that Mr. Regalia had previously sourced for him. On March 31st, 1999, David Romer and his brother, Richard Romer agreed to purchase this Ferrari through Mike Regalia's services for a price of $58,000. The vehicle was to be delivered to Mr. Regalia's home in Sun Valley, California where it would receive a full bare-metal repaint and extensive restoration and repair work over the next ten months. The car was then over the next 14 years carefully cared for and serviced by the Romer Brothers without consideration for time or expense until their eventual sale in the Summer of 2014 to a private collector in Northern California. The following letter written by former owner, David Romer outlines a bit of the history of this Ferrari during his and his brother's ownership:

David Romer
Los Angeles, California
September 14, 2014

Re: C/4 15189

Mike Regalia found 365GTC/4 SN 15189 for me in Mike had acted as my agent finding my first Ferrari – a 1985 308 GTS QV. After buying that car I quickly figured out that the front engine V12's were where I wanted to be. In 1999 Mike was running the restoration department of the Nethercutt Museum here in Sylmar Ca. I was introduced to him through Robert Nethercutt, a flying friend of mine. The car was Located back east. We bought it the car and had it shipped directly to Mike's home and shop in Sun Valley for a bare metal repaint and mechanical sorting prior to me taking possession. If you are not familiar with Mike Regalia, He is a very well respected Ferrari Restorer probably best known for his work and Sale of the Steve McQueen 250GTL (Lusso)

I have a binder with the photos of the The color that we painted the car was the same color that the factory painted it when new. The interior of the car is original black leather / black carpet. I re-dyed the front seats this year and the mouse fur was replaced in 99 with the correct material. I have the factory build sheet that is included in the photo set that shows the original colors and options. The motor was strong when we bought the car. We pulled the engine compartment down to the heads and rebuilt everything else. Today the car shows 49, XXX original miles. I believe that my brother Richard and I are the 3rd owners of the car.

Note that 15189 has always been in good This car is not a Franken-C/4 that somebody has dolled up for sale at auction. The car is a matching numbers car that was unmolested, 100% intact and correct when I bought it. When Mike took the paint off, the original paint by the way. The only signs of damage was a repair on the front right headlight bucket. Everything that belongs in a C/4 is in place and is correct all the way down to the Cheney hose clamps.

Recently, I have done some significant work on In the last 2 years, the suspension has been rebuilt and I changed the rear load levelers out for Koni coil overs. I still have the original load Levelers. In the last year I have rebuilt the transmission and the rear end. The starter motor has been replaced, the alternator has been rebuilt. The relay / fuse block has been removed, cleaned and re-grounded. The water pump with both the water and oil seals have been replaced. The Becker Mexico radio was serviced last year and plays correctly. The A/C was serviced this summer and it blows cold. The cars sits on new Michelin XWX tires. Maybe 2000 miles on them now.

The car is reluctantly for sale. It is jointly owned by me and my brother Richard. The car is at his house. His wife is a little tired of it taking up ½ of the garage and he doesn't really drive it. Me, I'm not working and I cannot buy him out. So it appears that it is time for a new caretaker for 15189.

During the Romer Brother's ownership of this Ferrari it was shown publicly on several occasions in a variety of different events scoring several important awards. These include the following:

-2000 Concours Italiano Gold Award
-2000 Palos Verdes Concours d'Elegance 3rd Place
-2002 Ferrari Club of America Annual Meet Century City, CA Platinum Award
-2008 MB of Beverly Hills Charity Classic 1st in Class Early Ferrari, pre-1974
-2013 Concours Italiano Gold Award
-2014 Concours Italiano Platinum Award

On May 6th, 2015, this Ferrari was acquired by Titan Investments, LLC of Missoula, Montana, a dealer collector investment company specializing in classic Ferraris and other collectible automobiles.

On February 14th, 2017 this vehicle was sold by Titan Investments LLC and acquired by Symbolic International after several weeks of involved evaluations and negotiations. The vehicle was carefully inspected and found to be completely rust and accident free example, complete with all original books, leather pouch, complete jack and tool kits as well as both original sets of Borrani and Chromodoro Alloy wheels and even the original extra set of knock off spinners. An extremely comprehensive documentation album further complements this Ferrari as it contains the original purchasing records and extensive service, repair and restoration records going back to new. The engine was given a careful compression check with the following results:

Cylinder No. Pressure
1 180
2 165
3 180
4 180
5 175
6 175
7 145
8 145
9 150
10 170
11 170
12 175

The vehicle was further inspected and verified to retain all of its original coachwork, chassis and individual components as completed new by Ferrari, IE; “Matching Numbers. It was also noted that in addition to driving without issue, the original radio, clock and air conditioning system were all in excellent working order. All three of these components are noted as being notoriously fussy and these all worked as if new. It was further noted that while this was a regular production “North American Market” vehicle, it was delivered new in Italy and shown on the invoice as having both sets of wheels and both the round as well as “Three-Eared” knock offs. The engine detailing, a notoriously weak area of most Ferrari 365 GTC/4s is extremely nice on this particular Ferrari. Both the correct hood blanket and all of the rare original emissions equipment items are intact and functioning as new.

Ownership History:

January 1972 Ferrari S.p.A Maranello, Italy
July 1972 Chinetti Garthwaite Motors Rosemont, PA
July 1972 Jose Luis De Pedroso Haverford, PA
June 1998 Karam Automotive West Chester, PA
March 1999 David and Richard Romer Los Angeles, CA
May 2015 Titan Investments LLC Missoula, MT
February 2017 Symbolic International San Diego, CA

Leaving out the manufacturer and dealers involved in the purchase and sale of this Ferrari, the vehicles's two private owners were:

Jose Luis De Pedroso


David and Richard Romer

It would be very difficult if not impossible to find a more honest and correct as well as fully documented Ferrari 365GTC/4. Please contact me for additional assistance in arranging for a test-drive and inspections of this vehicle.