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1989 Porsche 930 Turbo

1989 Porsche 930 Turbo

Vehicle Specifications
Stock No:
930 Turbo
Engine No:
Exterior Color:
Interior Color:
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Year 1989
Make Porsche
Model 930 Turbo Coupé
Type 930/770
Commission Number K00004
Ordering Distributor C32 Qatar / Bahrain / Kuwait / Yemen
Engine Type M930/66
Engine Number 67K00390
Gearbox Type G50/50 (Five-Speed / Limited Slip)
Gearbox Number 1K00643
Tires Goodrich High Speed/High Load
Exterior Color Velvet Red Metallic (Code U6)
Interior Color (1st) Color to Sample Pearl White / Velvet Red Piping (Code 99) Interior Color (2nd) Color to Sample Two-Tone Black / Red (Code 99)
Ordered New October 10th, 1989
Completed January 30th, 1989
Invoiced New March 3rd, 1989
In-Warranty Date March 3rd, 1989

Production Options:
-018 Steering wheel with elevated hub
-197 High output / cold cranking amp battery and alternator
-330 Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 46 Stereo Cassette Radio
-391 Stone guard protection added seperatey
-430 Fog lights in yellow
-462 Securiflex Windscreen
-605 Headlight leveling system
-650 Electric Sliding Sunroof
-980 Draped Leather Front Seats

Special Wish / Sondererwunsch Options (Z-Code Options)
-00301 Pearl White seats and wood, leather and other material for interior
-00321 Velvet red piping on seats
-00341 Interior combined with pearl white and velvet red in leather per instructions
-04241 Velvet red per instructions installed and fitted where directed for sun visors
-05461 Velvet red per instructions installed and fitted where directed for head liner in leather
-07441 Velvet red per instructions installed and fitted where directed for steering wheel
-08301 Velvet red per instructions installed and fitted where directed for gear shift cover in leather
-09401 Velvet red per instructions installed and fitted where directed “A & B” pillars in leather
-09991 Exception for production outside of production line and procedures for hand assembly and painting

This particular Porsche Turbo was special ordered new on behalf of the Royal Family and Rulers of Qatar and believed to have been commissioned and personally ordered new by Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani in early October of 1988. Over the years it remained exclusively in the Al Thani family, likely passing to his heir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and later to his fourth son, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the current ruler of Qatar.

The initial order was placed by Mr. Absulaziz Mohamad Al Rabban in Doha, Qatar, the manager of House Al Thani's car collection and while the market designation was Code “C32, Qatar / Bahrain / Kuwait / Yemen.” The order was sent via the Porsche official agency, “Gulf Automobiles & Trading Company, Doha, Qatar" where initial delivery would later be first taken. It appears the vehicle remained with the family at least until 1999 making several trips back to Porsche for services and work over the years. By 1999 the vehicle after having been in storage for some time was offered for sale and by 2000 was with a dealer in the Netherlands.

In 2016, an individual corresponded with the Porsche Factory for details on the car's construction and assembly and those records remain in the car's documentation files.

The original order for this Porsche was executed under the old “Special Wish” or “Sondererwunsch”program that predated the current “PORSCHE EXCLUSIV” department. The initial order indicated the family was familiar with the old policy of special ordering vehicles from Porsche but the actual order was handled directly by the new “PORSCHE EXCLUSIV” department that now catered specifically to all such special requests for non-conforming vehicles.

Using the special "Z-code" option “09991," it was removed from the production line and instead it was hand assembled and painted by a team of workers starting in October of 1988 and finishing at the end of January 1989. The work took more than three months to complete. A total of nine production options and ten “Z-code” special request options were incorporated into the car.

Initially the vehicle was completed and remains to this day in the exterior color of “Red Velvet Metallic.” Do to obsessive care by the former and current Sheik's team that cares for his collection, the car retains 100% perfect original paint other than the front bonnet which had to be repainted due to numerous stone chips over the years.

Initially at time of ordering and delivery, the interior was executed in a very interesting all leather set up including the headliner and other various panels and trimmed in “Pearl White” with "Velvet Red” seat piping and “Red Velvet” in leather on the dash, sun visors, headliner and nearly everywhere else in the interior along with an assortment of wood veneer on the dash and shifter. To say this was rather unique example would be an understatement and apparently the Emir or one of his sons, who later inherited the car decided to return it to Porsche for a more sedate but still totally revised interior color combination.

The second and current interior was done with black seats and door cards and other normal black trim but retaining the red cloth headliner and various other treatments in red as can be seen in the photo gallery. The second Porsche interior must have been transformative as the car was retained uninterrupted in this same color scheme prior to our purchase.

This Porsche was maintained and cared for as with all of the Al Thani collection to fanatical standards as well as by the subsequent owners. Nearly 70 pages of records and documents have been carefully retained with the car and they will accompany it to its new owner. The other delivery items, books, manuals, warranty card and tool kit are all also equally carefully preserved and will also accompany the car to its new owner.

In 1999, after sometime in storage was released by the Al Thani family and it was acquired initially by an owner in the the Netherlands and then later in Austria where we first learned of the car and purchased it.

Upon arrival in the States, this Porsche was sent to the Porsche Classic Center in San Diego, California for a full set of services and safety checks as well as complete certification and verification.

All services and safety checks are now completely current and up to date with no running time since all work was completed.

Quite clearly, this is one of the single most unique examples ever completed in the final year of the original Turbo model. Being built as a true 1989 model, it retains the coveted G50, five-speed gearbox. It is of course verified and confirmed to be completely matching numbers.