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1976 Ferrari 308GTB Vetroresina

1976 Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroressina

Vehicle Specifications
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308GTB Vetroresina
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1976 Ferrari 308 GTB “Vetroresina"

Year 1976
Make Ferrari
Model 308 GTB
Type Vetroressina
Chassis No F106AB ★19789★
Engine No F106A ★01983★
Gearbox No F106AL ★2002★

Body No 116A
Completed July 1976
Exterior Color Black (Gilden / Salchi Code 20-B-50)
Interior Color Black Leather with Black Vinyl Seat Inserts
Mileage 34,867 Miles

-Ordered new by Wide World of Cars, Nyack, New York in the Spring of 1976.

-Completed July 1976.

-Delivered September 1976.

-Sold new December/January 76/77 to Michael Robert Marklin who lived at the time in Greenwich, Connecticut and later Newtown, CT.

-Marlin is still alive and was kind enough to relate the purchase was a complete surprise. He was visiting Wide World of Cars with a friend, saw the car in the showroom and bought it on the spot. There was too much snow and rain to drive it home and it was delivered by flat-bed truck later in January or early February of 1977. He was completely unaware the car was fiberglass until he went to sell it a few years later.

-The car was then purchased in 1980 by Dr. John Kimball of Denver, Colorado. He stated he was the car's 2nd owner per a letter to the FML on August 14th, 1980. It was later offered for sale by him and described as being black with a black interior and 20,000 miles.

-In 1986, the car was offered for sale by Bianchi Motors Company in Santa Barbara, California. It was again described as being black with a black interior and now showing 28,370 miles from new.
-A year later in 1987, Don Young of Santa Barbara, California offered it for sale. He stated the car was black with black interior. He offered it again for sale in the FML in 1988 stating the car now had 31,000 miles.
-Later that year, Steve Forristall of Foristall's G.T. Cars in Houston, Texas offered the car for sale describing it as being black with black interior and 31,000 miles.
-In 1989, at the top of the market, the car was listed for sale by Classics and Sportscars Consultants, Ltd., London, UK as all original, black with black interior 31,000 miles.
-In late 1998/9 the car was registered to a Professor Welsbach who lived in Schwadorf, Germany, a small village on the Rhine river just south of Cologne and north of Bonn. He sold the car in 2012 to the famous Berlin, German classic car dealer, Theisen Automobile Raritaten.
-In 2016, Theisen sold the car to a Private Museum Collection in Mexico, City, Mexico. In October of 2020, our company purchased this Ferrari specifically to offer it for sale as a Bring-A-Trailer “Exclusive” auction.
What this research very nicely confirms is that the 35,000 miles the odometer currently shown is true actual miles.
Immediately after delivery to San Diego, we sent the car to James Millar for compete and total services that included the following:
-Complete safety check on entire car
-Replaced all five tires with new correct size Michelin XWXs (modern version)
-Inspected all five rims for damage and cracks
-All five rims including spare are correctly date coded 1976
-Fitted all new Ferrari rim caps
-Mounted and balanced all rims
-Inspected all brake calipers, and rotors for wear, replaced pads
-Inspected all brake lines, master and slave cylinder
-Inspected and lubricated all suspension components including steering rack
-Installed new battery, checked and verified charging system, alternator and voltage regulator
-Overhauled AC system and updated to new coolant, blows 41 degrees at outlet
-Replaced all spark plugs with correct NGK units
-Replaced air cleaner filter
-Flushed coolant system
-Flushed engine oil and replaced filter
-Flushed gearbox oil and cleaned pan
-Inspected and greased all axles, hubs and splines
-Completed full belt service including all auxiliary belts an the timing belt
-Completed water pump service
-Checked compression on all cylinders all were between (150 and 155 psi)
-Checked all lights, gauges, horn, radio and switches for proper function
-Inventoried tool and jack kit for completeness
-Inspected for rust, repair and accident damage, none found
-completed 20 mile test drive and 2nd 15 mile test drive
Last week during inspections and a test drive the “GEN” light on the dash came on indicating a fault in the charging system. The alternator was found to have had a diode failure and it was sent out and completely rebuilt and reinstalled two days ago.

This is a completely matching numbers, rust and accident free vehicle with completely documented and known history from new.

It has just received full services and new tires and has no running time since all work was done and the tires fitted.