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1975 Ferrari 365 GT4/BB

1975 Ferrari 365 GT4 BB

Vehicle Specifications
Stock No:
365 GT4/BB
Engine No:
Exterior Color:
Interior Color:
35,550 km
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Ferrari completed just 387 individual first generation Boxers beginning in late 1973 with the final example being finished and sold in May of 1976. Production was hardly linear or sequential. Chassis F102AB *18227* was specifically production number 240 of 387 but sequentially by chassis number assignment the 242nd of the 387 examples built.

This particular Ferrari 365GT4/BB was special ordered new by AutoBecker in Germany on behalf of a favored client. The order was processed and the vehicle given an official completion date of December 9th, 1974. The original color as ordered and completed new was a bright orange, designated "Rosso Dino 20-R-350” a color more commonly found on Dinos of the same vintage. While available as a standard catalog color, it is believed that this is the only early 365 BB Ferrari variant so completed.

This is a very early and more desirable Series III example. It was the 5th of just 149 Series III 365GT/4 BB Boxers completed. These all featured a variety of improvements and refinements that solved and sorted out the earlier design issues and flaws of those built previously. Most noticeably was an improvement in handling and braking as well as overall reliability.

Chassis F102AB *18227* was assembled and assigned engine sequence No. 250 with “Numero Interno” case numbers 123 and individually stamped with engine No. "F102A000 *00254*” which it retains to this day. The gearbox assigned was No. “ZF228” which further confirms it was fitted from new with a ZF limited slip differential which it still retains to this day, i.e., “matching numbers” engine and gearbox.

In January of 1975 this vehicle was delivered new to AutoBecker at “Suitbertusstrasse 150 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Shortly thereafter in early 1975, It was sold and road registered in Germany and remained so until the Spring of 1977 when it was again back with AutoBecker. Sometime shortly thereafter this Ferrari, now painted a more standard Red with Black Boxer Trim was sold and purchased by the official Japanese Ferrari importer and distributor Cornes Motors Corporation Ltd., of Tokyo, Japan. It was officially imported into Japan in June of 1977 at which time it had recored 19,100 kilometers.

In July of 1977, Japanese Road Registration Authorities assigned the vehicle the Japanese control number 43 7219 and issued it new Japanese title and road registration with plates "399-5941.”

This Ferrari Boxer would remain un-driven and on display and offered for sale by Cornes Motors for the next twelve years until it was finally sold on March 14th, 1989 to Mr. Kazuai Umemura's Private Museum Collection.

Japanese DMV records confirm that on January 11th, 2012, total recorded mileage was now 35,300. A year and a half later, on July 30th, 2014, total mileage was recorded as 35,400. On September 18th, 2015 the date of our purchase and the cancellation of the Japanese road registration, total mileage was 35,550 kilometers. (22,000 miles.)

After arrival in the States, a new title and road registration was applied for and approved and issued to our company. Over the next 14 months, this Ferrari received a complete engine and gearbox out full set or services including the ever so important belt service. The carburetors were completely overhauled as was the air-conditioning system, braking system and cooling system. The entire suspension and braking system was completely overhauled and new tires were fitted at all four corners.

This is a completely rust and accident free example that retains all of the rare early Ferrari 365BB features that set these examples far and apart from the later production 512BB and 512BBi models. The original and correct “Mushroom” seats, correctly part numbered ANSA "Tripple-Tip" exhaust system, hard “headliner” with sun shades are just a few of these features.

Chassis No. F102AB *18227* is an extremely rare original “survivor” with a completely original and never restored interior. All date coded items such as the original KONI shocks front and rear still have the correct 1974 assembly date codes. Other than the interesting original delivery color, it would very hard to near impossible to find a more correct original or lower mileage surviving example.

Please feel free to contact to arrange for inspections and test drives. I can assist with full door-door delivery anywhere in the world. EEC import is pre-approved at only 5% VAT and no additional duty charges.