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1955 Lancia B24S

1955 Lancia B24-S Spider America

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1955 Lancia B24-S Spider America

Year 1955
Make Lancia
Model B24S
Type Spider America
Chassis No ★B24S-1097★
Coach Builder Carrozzoria PininFarina
Lancia Body and Production No S 0069
Pinin Farina Body and Job No 15112
Original Exterior Color Verde Alassio (Alassio Green)
Current Exterior Color Burgundy / Red
Original Interior Color Pelle Verde (Green Leather)
Current Interior Color Tobacco Leather
Engine No MOT. B24 No ★1097★
Transaxle No 280
Transaxle Type Tipo B20S
Final Drive Ratio 11 x 47 (4.27:1)
Front Suspension No 81
Front Suspension Type Tipo B24S
Steering Box No 197
Carburetor Weber 40DCZ 5 (s/n 1517)
Assembly Started May 12th, 1955
Assembly Finished June 14th, 1955
First Tested June 14th, 1955
Accepted for delivery June 14th, 1955
ACI-CSAI No 4398
ACI-CSAI Issued January 12th, 2016
ACI-CSAI Certification 1A
Aurelia Registry Certification January 26th, 2017
Registration TO 12029H
Mileage 441 Kilometers (Since Restoration)

Ownership History:
1955 - 1955 Lancia & C. Fabbrica Automobili Turin, Italy
1955 - 1965 Unknown owner or owners Italy
1965 - ? With an American Air Force Officer Italy, then Washington DC
1970s Unknown owner Los Angeles, CA
1979 Bill Freeman (Fine Car Store) San Diego, CA
1980 - 2015 Manfredi Luigi Lancia Moncalieri, Turin, Italy
2015 - Present Private Collector Brescia, Italy

Lancia's B24 Spider America was a limited production, open-topped, Pinin Farina bodied “Spider” based on the Aurellia B20GT production Coupé. The B20GTs were produced from 1950 to 1958 in six distinct series. The Spider America was based the fourth Series GT and was built in a very short production run beginning in 1954 and ending in 1955. Pinin Farina's Spider America retained the basic drive-train and suspension layout of the Fourth Series GT, but was instead built on chassis platform that was 8 inches / 203mm shorter. The shorter chassis and lighter “Spider” body took full advantage of the 2,451cc, V-6 engine, four-speed transaxle, independent front suspension and de-Dion rear suspension that also featured in-board “Alfin” drum brakes. Just 240 examples were completed. Those built with the suffix “S” in their chassis numbers were left-hand drive with the “S” standing for “Sinistra” or left in Italian. 181 left-hand-drive examples were completed and 59 were completed in right-hand-drive.

Chassis No ★B24S-1070★ 1955 to 1980
This particular B24S Spider America was a regular production example, one of 240 total examples completed and one of 181 that were left-hand-drive configured. It had a very unique configuration that set it far apart from the other examples built. This vehicle was assembled as a normal Italian, domestic-market version which featured both Italian lighting and the distinct open glove box without locking door. The other unique features of this Spider America was the “one-of-one” paint and interior scheme. The original color was called “Verde Alassio.” The Max Meyer Color code for "Verde Alassio is 13.665” The name was copied form the Italian village of Alassio, a famous resort area on the Italian Rivera, half-way between Genoa, Italy and Nice, France. Many of the cottages and buildings there are painted this famous light green which is similar to but not quite a “mint” green. There were only three Lancia Spider Americas painted with this exterior color, however today, many have since acquired this color scheme. This particular Spider America was the one and only example painted in this color combination and fitted with a contrasting dark green leather interior. While the interior color was a one of one configuration, nearly all of the examples completed had vinyl interiors. It was very rare for an example to have a leather interior.

Chassis 1070 was ordered new by the official, Turin Lancia sales agency. The order was processed early in the Spring of 1955 with assembly being started on May 12th and finishing just over a month later on Jun 14th. That same day the car was tested, accepted and dispatched to the Turin based selling dealer.

Lancia assigned the production of “1070” using Lancia Body and Production Sequence number “S 0069” or the 69th “Left-Hand-Drive” example to be built. It was assembled by Carrozzeria PininFarina at their new Grugliasco facility on the outskirts of Turin and not far from Lancia's own facilities on the other side of the city. 1070 was assembled and completed on body / job number “15112” or the 112th sequential body built by PininFarina in “Spider America” configuration. After completion of the coachwork, the body was dispatched for final assembly by Lancia. From beginning to end, the assembly took just over one month at which time it was delivered for retail sale and delivery.

The early ownership of this Lancia is unknown other than it being in Italy until 1965. What few details we do have come from the notes and records compiled by historian / dealers, Chris Renwick and Mark Ketchum in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

They record that the car was purchased and exported from Italy in 1965 by an American Air Force officer, who brought the car to Washington, DC and then later to Los Angeles, California in the later 1960s. The car again remained un-seen with little to no known information until being offered for sale by Bill Freeman and Ashton Marshal, owners of the Fine Car Store in San Diego, California. It is not known if they owned this Lancia or were selling it on behalf of the owner. They offered the car for sale in 1979 and in 1980, a sale was agreed with New York based Stan Nowak of Grand Prix SSR. Nowak was working on behalf of an Italian broker who had been retained by a well known Italian enthusiast to find specific vehicles for his growing collection.

Chassis No ★B24S-1070★ 1980 to Present:
In 1980, this Lancia was acquired by Sig. Manfredi Luigi Lancia himself, heir to the Lancia fortune along with his two sisters. It joined the Lancia Family Museum Collection in Moncalleri, just outside of Turin, Italy along the Po River. After acquiring his prized Aurelia B24S Spider, he had the car sympathetically restored but repainted from the original “Verde Alasio” to the Scuderia Lancia racing team colors of dark burgundy/red with a dark “Tobacco” leather interior. The car was first road-registered to the Lancia family in 1984 and it would remain with them for the next 35 years.

Shortly after acquiring this Lancia and during the car's refurbishment, Sig. Lancia had a treasured Lancia D50 Formula One steering wheel from the family's collection fitted to the car. This steering wheel had originally been installed on the 5th Formula One, D50 completed for the Lancia Scuderia race team. Here is the individual race history of that steering wheel as original fitted to that D50:

1955 Lancia D50 Formula One Race Car, chassis number, ★D50 A ★0005★

Completed December, 1954 for the Scuderia Lancia Factory Team

1955 Races under the Scuderia Lancia Race Banner:
Date Race Drivers Race No Result
1955/01/16 Argentinean Grand Prix Eugenio Castellotti/ Luigi Villoresi 36 DNF
•1955/03/27 Grand Prix of Torino Eugenio Castellotti 22 4th OA
•1955/04/11 Grand Prix of Pau Eugenio Castellotti 10 2nd OA
•1955/05/22 Grand Prix of Monaco Louis Chiron 32 6th OA

Toward the end of the 1955 Season and after the death of Alberto Ascari, the Scuderia Lancia Formula One team was disbanded and the cars were all turned over the Scuderia Ferrari to replace Ferrari's abysmal Super Squallo F1.

1955 Races under the Scuderia Ferrari Race Banner:
Date Race Drivers Race No Result
•1955/09/11 Grand Prix of Monza Giuseppe Farina 2 DNS (Tire problems)
•1955/09/24 Outon Park Grand Prix Mike Hawthorn 1 2nd OA
1956 Races under the Scuderia Ferrari Race Banner:
Date Race Drivers Race No Result
•1956/01/22 Grand Prix of Argentina Juan Fangio/Luigi Musso 30 DNF (Fuel pump)
•1956/02/05 Grand Prix of Buenos Aires Juan Fangio 30 1st OA
•1956/05/13 Grand Prix of Monaco (Used in practice by all team drivers, not used in race)
1957 Races under the Scuderia Ferrari Race Banner:
Date Race Drivers Race No Result
•1957/01/13 Argentinean Grand Prix Eugenio Castellotti 14, DNF (Hubshaft)
•1957/01/27 Buenos Aires Grand Prix Heat 1 Eugenio Castellotti / Luigi Musso 14 3rd OA
1957/01/27 Buenos Aires Grand Prix Heat 2 Eugenio Castellotti / Luigi Musso 14 7th OA
1957/01/27 Buenos Aires Grand Main Race Eugenio Castellotti / Luigi Musso 14 5th OA
•1957/04/07 Siracusa Gran Prix Luigi Musso 22 2nd OA
•1957/04/28 Napoli Gran Prix Mike Hawthorn 2 2nd OA
•1957/05/19 Monte Carlo Grand Prix Mike Hawthorn 28 DNF(Crash)
•195707/07 French Gran Prix Mike Hawthorn 14 4th OA
•1957/07/14 Gran Prix of Reims Olivier Gendebien 8 DNF(Engine)

At the end of the 1957 Season, all but two of the surviving Lancia/Ferrari D50s were broken up and the spares sold off.

Here are three versions of a video of Fangio practicing in a D50 at Monaco:

Fangio won his fourth world championship in 1956 racing a D50!

Sig. Sig. Manfredi Lancia retained his treasured Lancia for 35 years, until he turned 65 years old, at which time he finally agreed to a sale to a German/Italian enthusiast and collector. After completing the purchase, the new owner had the car given a sympathetic restoration and repaint in the same colors as had Sig. Lancia, the correct “Dark Burgundy/Red” as used on the Scuderia Lancia Team Cars. The impossibly rare original D50 Formula One steering wheel as fitted by the Lancia family was also retained during the refurbishment of the car.

This Lancia was sparingly used, covering just over 440 kilometers over the next five years, mainly during annual services and safety checks. Several years ago, the owner opted to purchase a complete set of five correct size, all new Borrani wire wheels, hubs and splines while also carefully saving and setting aside the five original CaBo Borrani steel wheels, hub caps and trim rings, all of which were carefully packed into the Borrani wire wheel boxes.

In addition to this, the owner had a supplemental electric fan, passenger-side adjustable rally light and a “clip-in, clip-out” time-speed-distance rally computer acquired for the car for use in the Mille Miglia and other similar events. During his ownership he applied for coveted, ACI-CSIA certification and authentication. The car was submitted and formally inspected. It was then issued a certification as an authentic, original vehicle and on January 12th, 2016, he receded a “1A” rating, the highest certificate possible for a classic Italian automobile. The owner also applied with the Aurelia Registry for an authentication and certification as a “Matching Numbers” vehicle and this was received on January 26th, 2017.

Earlier this year, the owner dramatically realigned his collection of vehicles in Italy and Germany with the goal of “Cherry-Picking” some of the vehicles that had previously alluded him. In order to fund these new purchases, the owner initially tried to work out a potential sale of the car back to the Lancia family but they were unable to reach an agreement. He then contacted our company and requested our assistance with the sale of his treasured Lancia. The car as such was formally imported to the States earlier this month. It was then carefully inspected, photographed and videos taken for an exclusive sales program on

This vehicle can be purchased by any EEC or UK resident and it can return to Europe duty and VAT free. Alternately if a buyer here in the States purchase the vehicle, the new owner will be provided a new California title in our company name.

Please contact me if I can assist further in anyway with inspections, test-drives and local as well as worldwide shipping quotes.

Youtube video link:

Compression test August 12th 2020:

Cylinder Pounds / Square Inch
1 165
2 170
3 170
4 165
5 160
6 165