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1965 Lamborghini 350GT

1965 Lamborghini 350GT

Vehicle Specifications
Stock No:
Engine No:
Exterior Color:
Grigio Saint Vincent
Interior Color:
Tobacco Full Leather
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Year 1965
Make Lamborghini
Model 350GT
Completed December 1964
Chassis No. 0343
Engine No. 0274
Gearbox No. 220
Steering Box No. 368726
Final Drive Ratio 47/11 (4.27:1)
Production Sequence No. 62 of 120
Coachbuilder Carrozzoria Touring of Milan
Body No. 18035
Paint Code No. P21385
Interior Code No. F69110
Exterior Color Grigio Saint Vincent (Grey)
Interior Color Tobacco Full Leather
Registration M589925
Mileage 97,195 kilometers

-Multi Band Radio, Amplifier and Dual Speakers
-Power Windows
-Marchal Key-Operated Battery Disconnect Switch
-Seat Belts (Left & Right)

The Lamborghini 350 GT was the first production vehicle produced by Lamborghini. The very first examples were completed in May of 1964 not long after a well-received debut at that year's March Geneva Auto Salon Show. Many orders were taken for subsequent examples and the success ensured the company's survival, establishing it as a viable competitor with nearby neighbor and rival Ferrari.

The manufacture of the bodies was entrusted to Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, who used their patented Superleggera method of construction to fix aluminium alloy panels directly to a tubular structure. The first 350 GT frame was fabricated by Neri and Bonacini, who continued to act as Lamborghini's chassis supplier until production of the 350 GT was well underway at which point the job was turned over to Marchesi. Chassis and bodies were mated at Touring, which then delivered the complete assemblies, including bumpers already fitted in place to the Lamborghini factory. 350GTs could be ordered in a variety of colors but options were otherwise very limited. When leaving the factory the 350GT originally carried Pirelli Cinturato 205VR15 tires. No other tire manufacturer was used on the 350GTs.

The first 350GT chassis/body, delivered to the Lamborghini factory on March 9, 1964, was Production No. 101 (Touring Body No. 17001). That same month 101 debuted at the Geneva show. The first customer delivery (consegnato) of a 350GT was Production No. 104 (Touring Body No. 17004), delivered on July 31, 1964.

Lamborghini produced just 120 350GT models with the last being completed in Mid 1966. The replacement was given a variety of improvements and refinements in several stages, most noticeably in the use of a longer wheels base and larger body in order to fit a small set of rear seats to the original design. The new 400GT also featured a larger 4.0-Liter engine and it was a far more profitable venture for Lambrorghini with more than twice as many being built. Time however has proven the original, earlier design to be the favorite and most coveted of the series by a large number.

1965 Lamborghini 350GT, Chassis No. 0343:
This is an original first production year "alloy-bodied" Lamborghini 350GT... the rarest and most coveted of the early Lamborghini's ever built! This particular 350GT was sequentially the 62nd of only 120 examples completed. Production began in May of 1964 with the final examples being completed in early 1966 when production of the all alloy-bodied, short-chassis 350GT model came to an end. The replacement model was a an interim model that now used the designation 400GT. That too was soon replaced by the all steel-bodied, production oriented, long wheel-base 400GT.

Chassis No. 0343 was completed on Carrozzeria Touring Job and Body number 18035 as a standard specification 350GT. The various sub assemblies that would comprise and be fitted to this vehicle were assigned the following individual stamped identity numbers and carry the associated casting and completion date codes:

Engine No. 0274 (Casting Date Code June 1965)
Gearbox No. 220 (Casting Date Code October 1964)
Steering Box No. 368726 (Casting Date Code March 11th, 1964 / Completion Date Code July 1964)
Final Drive Ratio 47/11 (4.27:1) (Casting Date Code July 1965)

The Carrozzeria Paint and Trim tag indicates that the original exterior color of this vehicle was code P21385 (Grigio Saint Vincent) which is a very pleasant shade of grey with an ever so slight hint of a metallic effect. The interior was finished in full “Pig Skin” Leather, code 69110 or Tobacco Tan. From the Lamborghini Records and individual component casting code and assembly codes it is apparent that this Lamborghini spent nearly a year being assembled. The various subassemblies that would comprise this and likely the other 120 original 350GTs completed took quite a bit of time to be gathered and production was hardly linear or without constant delays. Chassis 0343's oldest individual component is the ZF steering box which was cast on March 11th, 1964 and assembled in July of the same year. The latest date coded item is the rear axle assembly which was completed in July of 1965.

The original order for this 350GT was placed by a Spanish client from Madrid, Spain. His order requested the car be finished in grey with contrasting “tobacco” full leather interior. Four options were also specified, a multi-band radio, amplifier and dual speakers as well as seat-belts, a Marchal key-operated battery disconnect switch and a left side electrically operated power window lift. Completion of 0343 which began in the late Spring of 1964 took more than a year to complete. In January of 1966 it was first road tested but additional work meant that final completion and delivery did not take place until April of 1966. This Lamborghini was delivered at the Factory and driven by the new owner to his home in Madrid, Spain. It was registered at that time for the first time on Madrid plates “M589925.” It would remain in Madrid on these plates during the careful and conservative ownership of two different sympathetic owners over the next 44 years until being sold in 2009 to a Japanese Private Museum Collection from which we purchased it late in 2015.

In 2004, the car's second owner decided that the original grey exterior paint was beyond saving and agreed to have the car disassembled and stripped for a full repaint, this time to a dark, slight metallic green. The interior and all other aspects of the vehicle were carefully preserved due to their pristine original condition.

This Lamborghini's third owner was Japan's most famous Lamorghini collector and enthusiast, Mr. Isao Noritake of Aichi, Japan. Noritake San is the world-wide renown and respected chairman of the Japan Lamborghini Owner's Club for which he was instrumental in founding in 1988. He is also the team president of the JLOC race team, a privately run professional racing team that with direct Factory support has been successfully racing various Lamborghinis for the past two decades. Noritake San selected this particular 350GT to join his growing collection as it was a completely original, un-molested example with no signs of rust or accident damage ever. Most importantly it was an all “matching numbers” vehicle and at the time represented the finest original example he could locate to join his museum collection.

This 350GT remained stored and un-driven with Noritake and was never road-registered during his ownership. It remained still on the original Madrid, Spain plates he purchased it on until our purchase. From 2009 until this year, the vehicle was placed on display in his private museum collection and never driven. The only mileage added was during services and maintenance procedures in order to ensure all was in good order at all times.

Our company was most fortunate to be introduced to Noritake San and after formalities were dealt with accordingly, he allowed us to purchase his most prized early LP400 Countach, s/n 1120182 along with his 3,000 original kilometer Miura S. Late in 2015, Noritake San agreed to the sale of his Miura and this 350GT and we are most honored to have been able to purchase and export them to the States.

Today this mid-production 350GT other than the exterior paint remains largely as delivered new 50 years ago. This is a well-optioned, fully documented example from new with no signs of corrosion or accident damage ever anywhere. It is also a “Matching Numbers” example with all services current and up to date. Engine compression numbers are perfect and even on all cylinders. Here are the results of the compression checks:

Cyl. Pounds Per Square Inch:
1 170
2 175
3 175
4 180
5 175
6 180
7 180
8 180
9 180
10 175
11 170
12 170

New tires and complete safety checks have just been completed. The sale will also include the ultra-rare original Factory jack, tools and original owners manual, parts book , sales brochure as well as Factory Specification documents. A complete, bare-metal stripping of the car's old paint and full new repaint in the original color has just been completed.

It would likely take the rest of your life and twice the price to find a more original and correct example anywhere in the world. If an authentic, original and unrestored Lamborghini 350GT has been on your wish list you have found your machine!