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1972 Ferrari 246GT Dino

Long-Term Ownership Example - 2.4L V6 Dino - Grigio with Grigio

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1972 Dino 246 GT

Year 1972
Make Ferrari
Model Dino 246 GT
Type “E Model Coupé
Chassis No DINO 246 G.T. ★04396★
Body No 1453
Engine No 135cs000 ★0010459★
Engine Type Tipo 135CS
Gearbox No 1498 E
Chassis Type Tipo 607E
Production Sequence No 1,132
Exterior Color Grigio Non Met.
Interior Color Grigio Leather
Ignition Key No “NEIMAN” 34525 A
Door / Gove Box Key No “TORINO” 2291
Completed September 1972
Ordering Dealer Harrah's Modern Classic Motors Reno, Nevada
Original Owner Stephen R. Stearns Foster City, California
Mileage 67,605 Miles

-Campagnolo Wheels
-Air Conditioning
-Power Windows
-Gauges with English Calibrations
-North American Market Model

Full Ownership History:

1972 Ferrari S.p.A. Maranello, Italy
1972 Modern Classic Motors Reno, Nevada
1973 Griswold & Company Berkeley, California
1973-1984 Stephen R. Stearns Foster City, California
1984-1987 Ferrari of Las Gatos Las Gatos, California
1987-present David T. & Jo Ann Robinson Saratogo, California
2018 Symbolic International San Diego, California

Private Individual Ownership History:

1973-1984 Stephen R. Stearns Foster City, California
1987-present David T. & Jo Ann Robinson Saratogo, California

DINO 246 G.T. ★04396★:
This particular mid-production 246 GT “E-Model” Dino was a standard North American market version ordered new by famed, Bill Harrah's, Modern Classic Motors of Reno, Nevada, the official West Coast distributor for Ferrari in North America at the time. Ferrari internal records record that the car was originally completed with “Marrone Met. Dino (106,M,73) with Beige Connolly Leather (VM 3218) interior. Despite this, the car has usually always been identified by most sources as being Grigio non-metallic or simply grey non-metallic with a matching grey interior going back to new but more on that later... The car was optioned out with standard North American Market details including gauges with English Calibrations and USA lighting and emissions equipment. This Dino was also fitted with air conditioning and power windows.

The original order for this Dino had it destined for a David G. Perry, a prominent Reno businessman and frequent client of Modern Classic Motors. Most sources actually site him as the car's official first owner but we now know that not to be true. The previous year, on October 29th, 1971, Perry purchased his second Ferrari from Modern Classic Motors, a 1971 USA market specification Daytona Coupe, s/n 14643. Previous to that he had bought a Ferrari 330GT but details are not known about that Ferrari at this time. In any case, upon arrival, Perry opted not to complete the purchase of this Dino which is confirmed by California Department of Motor Vehicles records which show it being sold as a new car in California on July 5th, 1973.

After Perry declined to compete the purchase, this Dino was then invoiced new to Steve Griswold & Company of Berkeley, California, one of the Bay areas authorized Ferrari agents at the time. Courtesy of research and records from Mr. Shawn Speer, we now can confirm that this Dino was sold by Modern Classic Motors as inventory No. 5227 and that it was delivered on February 8th, 1972. The car was officially recorded as being finished in the colors of “Marrone Met. Dino (106,M,73) with Beige Connolly Leather (VM 3218) interior. Griswold & Co.

After arrival at Griswold & Co., this Ferrari was offered for sale in the Volume 23, No 19, May 19th, 1973 issue of AutoWeek. The car was also offered for sale in the Los Angles Times Sunday classified ads on at least two occasions. It was then sold as a new car to Stephen R. Stearns of 1131 Schooner Street, Foster City, California on July 5th, 1973 which is confirmed by California DMV records. The car as given a standard one-year, warranty which took effect on the selling date July 5th, 1973 and expired on July 6th, 1974. Interestingly the warranty records indicate that the only work covered was completed prior to the car's sale on May 4th and May 7th of 1973. The warrant work is recorded as:

5/4/73 - Griswold WRO #2690 - Remove and Replace Pressure Plate and Resurface Flywheel $140.50

5/7/73 - Griswold WRO #2963 - R & R Windwing to repair Hinge. Repair Gas Gauge $60.00
- Same WRO# - R & R Outside Mirror - DENIED

Both Ferrari and Modern Classic Motors records identify this Dino as having “Marone Dino Met.” exterior paint and beige leather interior. But early data records by famed Ferrari Historian as well FCA and period photos from the late 1970s have always referred to the car as “Gregio non-Metallic with a matching interior and sometimes as “Anthracite” with a matching interior. We are not exactly certain when this Dino was painted to the current grey with a grey interior but it likely happened very early in the car's life either while at Griswold & Company or shortly there after. The original dash, headliner and correct Ferrari factory seat covers in grey indicate the color change would have likely happened in the first year or two of the car's life. Repeated and extensive inspections of the car with trim panels and inner fiberglass wheel shrouds removed show only the current grey paint. The only area found and photographed that showed the original “Marone Dino Met.” paint was under the rocker sills trim plates.

In any case, the car was as far as anyone who has been involved with it going back to the original owner was always the current grey with matching grey interior but clearly at the time of completion and delivery it was in fact finished in “Marrone Met. Dino (106,M,73) with Beige Connolly Leather (VM 3218) interior.

At the time of the sale to Stearns or shortly thereafter, this Dino was also fitted with a set of the newly available, optional Campagnolo, light-alloy wheels which remain with the car and have distinct, early 1972 casting codes. This Dino was noted by Ferrari historian Stan Nowak as having been completed in September of 1972 in grey with a matching grey interior and further noted again as such by the Ferrari Club of America registry in June of 1976. Nowak kept detailed records on every Ferrari that was imported to the States but being based in New York until he retired to Arizona in the 1980s, he likely never actually saw the car in person but relied on information provided by dealers and owners who kept in contact with regularly.

This Dino's individual ownership, identity and details were further recorded in subsequent Ferrari Club of America records as well as over the years by Ferrari historians, Gerald Roush and Hillary Raab. Additional details of the vehicle were further recorded and identified by FaF Motorcars of Tucker, Georgia, as well as the late Denny Shue and current custodian of the Dino Register, Matthias Bartz. As well as Shawn Speer. Original ownership and service records and very importantly all of the original California DMV records remain with the vehicle and document the car further from the date of the initial sale up to the present as well as the last services and the fitting of new tires in October of 2018.

Original owner, Stephen R. Stern's ownership is confirmed by Ferrari Club of America register records and the car was noted at the time as being grey with a grey interior. A set of very old Polaroid photos from the 1970s further confirm the car's exterior grey color which on some service records is also recorded as “anthracite.”

The car was titled and registered to Stearns on California “Blue & Yellow” plates with the individual plate number “027 HVA.” The car would remain on these plates for the next 14 years with no changes in ownership according to California DMV records.

Some sources previously noted this Dino was later owned by Neil Johnson of Sunnyvale, California and later, Menlo Park, California as well as Redwood City, California resident, Greg Woods. We now know that neither individual actually owned this Ferrari but were involved with servicing and maintenance on behalf of the original owner, Stephen R. Stearns.

During Stearn's long initially ownership, with the assistance Johnson and Woods as well as FaF Motorcars, Inc., Ferrari of Las Gatos and Modena Motors, in the early 1980s, he had the engine and gearbox completely rebuilt and total noted mileage on the vehicle at this point was under 57,000 miles.

Upon completion of the engine and gearbox repairs, Stearns traded the car to Ferrari of Las Gatos in 1984. They then advertised it for sale in May of that year. This Dino remained for sale with Ferrari of Las Gatos until being formally sold on August 7th, 1987 to the car's second owners, a prominent Saratoga, California contractor named David T. & Jo Ann Robinson. At the time of the Robinson's purchase the car had covered 60,249 miles from new. The recorded selling price was $41,000 which included tax, license and new registration fees. The car would remain with Robinson for the next 31 years covering less than 7,500 additional miles during his long, uninterrupted ownership until being sold in December of 2018 to our company in San Diego, California.

Upon taking delivery in August of 1987, the Robinson family was issued new temporary registration by Ferrari of Las Gatos. Family cherished new “White & Blue” California personalized plates “DNO CPE” and new permanent registration and a California title were then issued to the Robinson family. An examination of the California DMV records confirms that the only official titled and registered owners were Stephen R. Stern and David T. & Jo Ann Robinson.

This Dino would remain adorned with the personalized plates “DNO CPE” throughout the Robinson's 31 years of ownership and they remain fitted and still assigned to this Dino today.

The Robinson family clearly cared deeply about their new Dino as they kept extremely careful and well organized records, correspondences and all of their old registration and insurance records with the vehicle. The service file further contains correspondences with the Ferrari Factory as well as a detailed accounting over a several year period where they worked tirelessly to have the car's original emissions equipment fully restored and put to proper working order as the car had a very hard time for several years passing the State's stringent emissions standards. To date over the past 30 years, this is the only example I have encountered that still has all of the original emissions equipment not just intact but fully functioning and working as designed new for the 1972-74 North American Dino models.

This Dino is a treasure of preservation in several other ways as well. One of the most interesting items is the original, ultra-rare set of Ferrari Factory cloth seat protection covers specially made for the Dino's unique seats and head rests. These specially fitted covers would be installed after the final assembly and testing of a new Dino. They were designed to ensure the seats remained clean for what could be upwards of a 45 to 50 day ocean voyage for Ferraris destined and sold new West of the Mississippi River. All of the car's main components, body panels, date and casting codes further confirm the car's unique state of preservation and originality. Even the original “KLIPPAN Model 562” seat belts are correct and original to the car and one still has the fragile, original 1972 date of manufacture tag intact.

This Dino has always been carefully serviced and maintained throughout its life as evidenced by the extensive files, records and correspondences that remain with it to this day. It most recently had full and complete services performed in October of this year as well as having all new tires fitted to the optional Campagnolo light-alloy wheels. An original Ferrari tool kit for a later model Ferrari as well as manuals and books and the rare original jack kit also accompany this Dino. A fitted car cover is also included as are a box full of traveling spare parts that include a set of new spark plugs, hoses, belts, clamps, extra fuel pump and fuzes, all of which would be prefect for an extended touring holiday with this lovely Dino.

DINO 246 G.T. ★04396★ Today:
This exceptionally beautiful, completely rust and accident free, documented two-owner from new, all matching numbers Dino truly looks as good as it drives. The breathtakingly beautiful lines are equal to the car's handling and driving qualities. Over the years, the markets traditionally favored greatly, late production USA 246 GTS models, especially those painted red/tan. More recently over the past ten years or so, there has been a distinct shift to the original 206 GT and later more powerful, 246 GT “Coupé” versions, especially the European variants that lack the large obtrusive USA side marker lights, front and rear. At some point, this Dino had the side marker lights carefully deleted giving the car a pure “European” appearance. The “anything but red” mentality of late further enhances this particular Dino's appeal as the neutral, grey on grey colors fully complement the car's curvaceous lines.

This Ferrari Dino 246 GT can be seen, inspected and test-driven at your convenience. It is located in our main showroom and shop complex in San Diego, California and I look forward to assisting interested parties with a potential purchase as well as follow-on worldwide delivery.