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2000 Aston Martin Vantage LeMans V600

Car #38 of 40 V600's - Most Powerful Production Car Produced in 1999(!)

Vehicle Specifications
Stock No:
Aston Martin
Vantage LeMans V600
Engine No:
590 R 70272 M LM
Exterior Color:
Aston Martin Racing Green
Interior Color:
Magnolia & Forest Green
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Make Aston Martin
Model Le Mans V600
Engine No 590/R/720272/MLM
Exterior Color Aston Martin Racing Green
Interior Color Magnolia / Forest Green
Piping Color Green
Carpet Color Dark Green
Headliner Geen Alcantara
Steering Left-Hand-Drive
Gearbox 5-speed Manual
Speedometer Kilometers Per Hour (360KPH Max)
Wheels Dymag Magnesium Hollow-Spoke

Ordering Agent Aston Martin Distributor
Aston Martin Auto Performance
25 Ave. F. Delano Roosevelt
108 75008 Paris, France

Specifications Completed to Rest or Word/France Market Specifications
Production Sequence No. 38 of 40 Examples Completed
Completed June 30th, 2000
Sold New December 14th, 2000
Original Owner His Royal Highness Abdul Aziz Al Thani
In Warranty Date December 14th, 2000
End Warranty Date December 13th, 2002
Current Total Mileage 18,485 Kilometers / 11,486 Miles

-Ex-Works Special Order Assembly
-V600 600BHP Engine Upgrade
-Speedometer in Kilometers Per Hour (360KPH Max)
-Special Order/Special Wish Ex-Works Interior Trim to Sample
-Hand Stitch “Al Thani” Family Crest Embossed Rear Seats
-Airbag Equipment
-Rear Boot Special Trim
-Private Special Order Features and Options (Not Recorded)

In March 1999, Aston Martin announced that 40 special versions of the Vantage - the Vantage Le Mans - would be built to celebrate the factory's famous victory at the Le Mans 24-Hour Race in 1959, when Roy Salvadori and Carroll Shelby took the chequered flag first in 'DBR1/2'. The basis of what was at that time the fastest Aston Martin ever was the standard Vantage. Although at a glance similar to the standard Vantage, the Le Mans could be distinguished by its front wing side vents - recalling those of the DBR1 racer - ducted bonnet, 'nostril' front grille and improved high-downforce air dam, while at the rear the spoiler was revised to incorporate the high-intensity and reversing lights. The Le Mans received unique five-spoke magnesium alloy wheels, while beneath the skin its chassis boasted the kind of extensive re-engineering required to cope with the massive increase in performance. The Le Mans interior was specially reconfigured in the sporting idiom, boasting perforated, competition-style pedals, an oversize tachometer, aluminum gearlever knob, 'button' starter and brushed metal paneling instead of the traditional wood veneers, while the Wilton carpeting featured embossed 'Aston Martin' emblems.

For the Vantage, Aston Martin engineers developed a blown version of the proven 5,340cc V8 engine, twin mechanically driven Eaton superchargers being preferred to turbo-chargers on the grounds of superior throttle response. Apart from its stupendous initial maximum output of 550bhp, remarkable enough in itself, the engine is monstrously torquey, producing 550lb/ft at 4,000rpm, a figure that makes even the mighty Chrysler Viper V10's 450lb/ft seem puny by way of comparison. For those who found 550bhp insufficient, there was the Works Service-developed 'V600' package that brought with it an additional 50 horsepower. This particular Le Mans V600 was so completed new, one of just a handful completed to this rare specification.

Aston Martin Le Mans V600 SCFDAM2S9YBL70272:
This particular Aston Martin was the 38th of the 40 examples completed. It was ordered new by His Highness Abdul Aziz bin Khalifa Al Thani, third heir in line to be ruler of Qatar and new family owner of the word-famous “Harrods” London, Luxury Department Store. The order for this Aston was commissioned and produced in their exclusive “Ex-Works” production department. The order specified the following details:

-V600, 600bhp engine and gearbox combination
-Left-Hand Drive
-Manual Transmission
-ABS Braking System
-Sport Exhaust System
-Yellow French Driving Lights
-Supplemental Fog Lights
-12 Disc CD Stereo Radio System
-Speaker Grills Covered in Magnolia Leather
-Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
-Leather Wrapped Steering Column
-Retractible Mirrors
-Personalized ID Plaques
-Integral Navigation System
-Specialized Silver Wheel Badges and Logo
-360 Kilometer Per Hour Speedometer
-Aston Martin Racing Green Exterior Paint
-Special Wish, Two-tone Magnolia and Green interior with Dark Green Carpeting
-“Al Thani” Royal Crest on Rear Seat Backs
-“Al Thani” Royal Crests Embossed on Owner's Manual
-“Al Thani” Royal Crest Embossed on Gearshift Lever Knob
-Additional Private Special Order / Special Wish Features and Options (Not Recorded)

The vehicle was completed on June 30th, 2000 and the vehicle dispatched to the Aston Distributor, Auto Performance in Paris, France where it was stored pending delivery to Prince “Al Thani.” The sale and delivery was recorded on December 14th, 2000 and new registration on Qatar embassy plates “500 CD 379” was issued to Prince “Al Thani” using the address of the Qatar Embassy in Paris:

Prince Al-Thani Abdulaziz bin Khalifa
Ministere Plénipotentiaire a l'Ambassade du Qatar
Avenue Montaigne 75
Paris 08

This Aston was last registered to Prince Al Thani on April 1st, 2007. On February 5th, 2008, this Aston Martin was sold on behalf of Prince Al Thani via Aston Martin Auto Performance, Paris, France to another French dealer, Autodrome Paris. It was then sold to a private museum collection in Japan. This Aston was exported and initially registered in November of 2008 on Japanese plates “330 5340” At the time of registration, this Aston had recorded 17,000 kilometers. On July 29th, 2011, the vehicle was registered again on Japanese license plates “399 1026,” Total mileage was recorded as 18,000 kilometers. On September 5th, 2017 our company inspected and agreed to the purchase of this Aston Martin. Total mileage was now 18,485 kilometers / 11,468 miles.

Here are the chronological milestone dates and notations for this vehicle:

-June 30th, 2000
Official Completion Date
-November 21st, 2000
Sales Invoice to 1st owner. Total purchase price, 2,825,350FF / $353,168
The Invoice Records the Following Options:

-Left Hand Drive Steering
-ABS Brakes
-Sport Exhaust
-V600 600BHP Engine
-Manual 5-Speed Gearbox
-Yellow French Driving Lamsp
-Supplemental Fog Lights
-12 CD Stereo System
-Retractible Mirrors
-Navigation System
-Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
-Leather Wrapped Steering Column
-Magnolia Speaker Grills
-Personalized ID Plaques
-Personalized Family Crest Embossed on Rear Seats
-Special Silver Wheel Badges and Logo
-Gearshift Left Embossed with Family Crest

-December 14th, 2000
Official Sale Date to His Royal Highness Abdul Aziz Al Thani
-December 14th, 2000
In Warranty Date
-May 25th, 2001
New registration and plates “500CD 379” issued to 1st Owner
-May 12th, 2002
Issued Certificate of Conformity By Aston Martin Factory
-December 13th, 2002
End Warranty Date
-April 29th, 2002
Major Service Completed at Auto Performance Aston Martin Parts, France totaling 10,637.04 Euros
-February 16th, 2006
Additional Service Work Completed at Auto Performance totaling 5,451.18 Euros.
Total Mileage from new recorded as 16,545 kilometers / 10,280 miles
-April 1st, 2007
Re-registered again to first owner, Prince Abdulaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani
-March 21st, 2008
Statement of Conformity for Imported Vehicles Issued by Auto Performance, Paris, France
-April 18th, 2008
French Supplemental Registration Document Issued
-April 18th, 2008
Inspected by DEKRA Automotive SA for verification and Emissions Certification
Total Mileage from new recorded as 16,788 kilometers / 10,431 miles
-June 2nd, 2008
Given Complete Major Full Service and Safety Check by Auto Performance, Paris, France
Total Mileage from new recorded as 16,798 kilometers / 10,437 miles
-June 3rd, 2008
Certificate of Origin Statement Issued by Aston Martin Factory
Statement confirms vehicle was converted new prior to delivery by Aston Works Service in Left-Hand-Drive
Configuration and that original VIN: SCFDAM2S7YBR70272 was replaced prior to delivery with SCFDAM2S9YBL70272
-June 17th, 2008
Full Service History and Records provided by Auto Performance Paris, France
-June 17th, 2008
Services and Maintenance performed and completed by Auto Performance Paris, France totaling 5,744.94 Euros
October 15th, 2008
Sold by first owner, Prince Abdulaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani back to Auto Performance, Paris, France
October 26th, 2008
Sold by Autodrome Paris to 2nd owner, Crystal Create Co Ltd, a private Museum Collection in Japan.
Total Mileage from new recorded as 16,800 kilometers / 10,439 miles
-November 2008
Registered on Japanese plates “330 5340” and noted as having covered 17,000 kilometers from new
-July 29th, 2011
Re-registered again on Japanese plates “399 1026” and noted as having covered 18,000 kilometers from new
-September 5th, 2017
Inspected and purchased by Symbolic International, San Diego, California
-September 23rd, 2017
Total Current Mileage from new 18,485 Kilometers / 11,486 Miles
-September 2018
All services and safety checks zero running time fresh.

This incredibly rare and unique vehicle is now available for immediate purchase and world-wide delivery. Please email me for additional assistance with the purchase of this incredible Aston Martin.