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1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

No. 16447

Vehicle Specifications
Stock No:
365 GTB/4
Engine No:
Exterior Color:
Argento Metallizzato
Interior Color:
43,995 miles
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1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 “Daytona”

Year 1973
Make Ferrari
Model 365 GTB/4
Type Daytona Coupé
Assembly Sequence No 971
Scaglietti Body / Job No 1073
Chassis No 16447
Engine Type Tipo 251
Engine No B2190
Gearbox Type Tipo 605
Gearbox No 1055
Final Drive Ratio 10/33 (3.3:1)
Steering Left Hand Drive
Market Standard “Export” North American Market
Exterior Color “Argento Metallizzato 106-E-1” (Silver Metallic)
Interior Color “Pelle Nera VM 8500 Connolly” (Black Connolly Leather)
Ordered New November 1972
Ordering Dealer Chinetti-Garthwaite Imports, Inc., Paoli, Pennsylvania
Selling Dealer Bobcor Performance Corp., Williamsville, New Jersey
First Owner Robert P. Minnick Jr., New York, New York
Completed March 9th, 1973
Issued Certificate of Origin April 16th, 1973
Shipped May, 1973
Sold New August 20th, 1973

Total Original Mileage 43,996 Miles

Standard Options of AC and Power Windows plus Multi-Band Becker Stereo Cassette Radio and Power Antenna

Ferrari Daytona Background:
Ferrari's iconic Daytona, was officially designated the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 but obviously far more commonly referred to simply as the Daytona. The name “Daytona” came about as a result of Ferrari's sweeping "1-2-3" victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1967. The Daytona replaced Ferraris aging 275 GTB/4 as their new flagship, top-of-the-line production model beginning in 1968. It was initially introduced to the world at the Paris Auto Salon in 1968 and would go on to be produced over a full five-year production run that would eventually see no less than 1,284 examples being completed making it even more rare than Ferraris F40 SuperCar.

Unlike Lamborghini's contemporary, all-new, mid-engined Miura, the Daytona was a traditional front-engined, rear-drive sport car that also saw significant success on the track. The engine, known internally by Ferrari as the Tipo 251 was developed from the earlier Colombo V12 used in the 275 GTB/4. Displacement was dramatically increased from 3.3-liters to 4.0-liters. Compression ration was also raised dramatically to 9.3:1 and it was officially rated at 352bhp which gave it a top speed of just shy of 175mph. The gearbox was a fully synchronized five-speed transaxle with a “ZF” limited slip differential. The transaxle was mounted in the rear for optimal weight distribution, and a four-wheel independent suspension featured wishbones and coil springs at all four corners.

Styling on Ferraris new Daytona was revolutionary in all regards. Although a Pininfarina design, as with many previous Ferrari road cars styled by Leonardo Fioravanti, the 365 GTB/4 was radically different, replacing the traditional rounded design with much more sharp-edged styling.

Early Daytonas featured fixed headlights behind an acrylic glass cover. A new U.S. safety regulation banning headlights behind covers resulted in retractable pop-up twin headlights from 1971 until the end of production.

Production of the Daytona ended in mid-1973 but private racing teams continued to have success with them over the next few years including a second overall finish at the 24 Hours of Daytona and many podium finishes at other prestigious races around the world. Not until 1980 was Ferraris last front engine GT racer finally retired from active racing.

Daytona 16447 Background:
This particular Ferrari Daytona is a standard production, North American Market model. It was ordered new in the Fall of 1972 as part of five car package of vehicles by North American Distributor, Chinetti-Garthwaite Imports, Inc., of Paoli, Pennsylvania. The orders were accepted in November of 1972 and assembly was formally recorded on March 9th, 1973 by Ferrari. It was issued a certificate of origin by Ferrari on April 16th and shipped in early May by ocean vessel to Newark, New Jersey. There were no notable differing details and it was a very standard North American Market production example other than the very attractive Silver-Metallic exterior paint over a standard black leather interior.

Daytona 16447 Chronological History:
November 1972 Ordered new by Chinetti-Garthwaite Imports, Inc., of 1100 West Swedesford Road, P.O. Box 455, Paoli, Pennsylvania 19301. The order for this particular Ferrari was part of a five car package of new Ferraris that were identified as follows:

Stock No Model s/n Invoice Price
248 365 GTB/4 16447 $14,706.00
250 365 GTS/4 16465 $15,354.63
283 365 GTS/4 16483 $16,077.60
284 365 GTS/4 16549 $16,077.60
291 246 GTS 05794 $10,406.94

March 9th, 1973 Official Ferrari Completion Date.

April 16th, 1973 Issued Certificate of Origin, No. 9635 by the Ferrari Factory.

May 1973 Shipped by Ocean Vessel to Port of Newark, New Jersey.

June 11th, 1973 Ownership formally transferred internally by Chinetti-Garthwaite Imports, Inc., to their other corporate name, ALGAR Enterprises, Inc. which was based at the same address in Paoli, Pennsylvania. On this same date, Chinetti-Garthwaite Imports, Inc., issued a Dealer “Floorplan Credit Line” invoice No. 175 to Algar Enterprises Inc., for a total of $14,706.

August 15th, 1973 Chinetti completed bank payment for stock Nos 248 & 250 (this particular Daytona and a Daytona Spyder, s/n 16465.) The payment was made on check no. 024200 and it was a combined pay-off for both vehicles totalling $42,165.00)

August 16th, 1973 Dealer “Floorplan Credit Line” paid of by ALGAR Enterprises, Inc. The pay-off amount was $14,706.00. On the same date, Bobcor Performance Corp., of 5363 Main Street, Williamsville, New Jersey 14221 purchased this Ferrari from Algar Enterprises, Inc. for a total of $20,000. (The price was $19,255 for the vehicle itself and $615 for the optional air conditioning, $80 for an unknown fee and $50 for delivery for a total of $20,000. Bocar Performance Corp., then marked up the vehicle to $26,270, showing the vehicle itself at $23,500, the air conditioning at $770, and $100 for the unknown fee and $50 for delivery.)

August 17th, 1973 Invoiced and shipped new to Authorized Ferrari agent, Bobcor Performance Corp., of 5363 Main Street, Williamsville, New York 14221. A retail sale was agreed that day and the vehicle invoiced as a new retail delivery to Robert P. Minnick, Jr. President of Trancendental Audio Ltd of New York, New York for a total purchase price of $26,270.

August 20th, 1973 Delivered and paid for in full by Robert P. Minnick Jr. Minnick's only request was for the original octagonal wheel nuts be replaced with “three-eared” European versions. This was done by Bobcor Performance Corp apparently at no additional charge to Minnick. Minnick was a fairly well-known local celebrity and the owner a very popular and well respected high-end Stereo company with a main showroom in Buffalo, New York and also a satellite showroom near Harlem. From the time of his purchase and until he sold it in 1976, Minnick's Ferrari was an integral part of his growing business and often seen at the Buffalo showroom. Both his business and this Ferrari became quite famous locally and internationally as a result of a continuous advertisement program that often featured his Daytona. Minnick had the car fitted and upgraded with a variety of different receivers, amplifiers and speaker systems during his ownership cumulating with a Becker Stereo Cassette Radio, amplifier and four modular speakers. (It would remain this way for many years until being restored back to a stock period system in the 1990s.) Minnick many years later founded Car Guy Nation at which time he was reacquainted with his old Daytona when it was purchased by Wayne Carini in Portland, Connecticut. Carrini featured it on the popular television and cable show, Chasing Classic Cars.

October 1976 Offered for sale by Minnick who was still living in Buffalo, New York to various members of the Ferrari Club of America. Minnick described the car as follows:

“Silver with black Interior. New American-plated bumpers, door/vent window rubber, XWX's w/knockoffs. Custom Stereo with four speakers. 10,000 miles."

December 1976 Purchased by professor Stanley Zagorski of Mount Trempor, New York. At the time of the sale, the odometer showed just over 10,000 miles from new. According to Minnick, the selling price was $36,000 and Professor Zagorski paid for the Ferrari in cash! Zagorski kept the Ferrari for many years covering an additional 17,000 plus miles.

1989 Still owned by Professor Zagorski but now painted red and showing 37,600 miles. It was then offered for sale by him and described as follows:

“Red with black interior. New paint and interior. Two-Owner, 37,600-mile car. Can be seen in Florida.”

1998-2004 Owned by well-know Ferrari dealer, mechanic and restoration specialist, Dennis McCann of Westerville, Ohio. Still painted red and offered for sale over the next several years with varying prices and often described as having two previous owners and 37,646 miles. McCann ran several advertisements in the Ferrari Market Letter in which he described the car as follows:

“Red with black leather, factory a/c and power windows, all books, and papers, wipe cloth, tools, and factory tool box, plastic still on the thresholds. Odometer now showing 37,649 miles."

November 2004 Purchased by Walter “Walt” Pawluzxkowycs of Evergreen, Colorado.

September 2005 Advertised for sale by Larry Alderson of Family Classic Cars in San Juan Capistrano, California. Described by Alderson as follows:

“Red with black interior, factory air conditioning, AM/FM cassette, alloy wheels with 37,997 miles.

October 2005 Sold by Family Classic Cars to Richard Standage of Moorpark, California. Odometer now showing 38,153 miles. During Standage's ownership, the car was formally inspected and verified by Ferrari Factory as complete with all of the original identification stamping and numbers as delivered new. These included:

-Production Sequence No 971
-Scaglietti Body No 1073
-Chassis No 16447
-Engine Type Tipo 251
-Engine No B2190
-Gearbox Type Tipo 605
-Gearbox No 1055
-Exterior Color “Argento Metallizzato 106-E-1” (Silver Metallic)
-Interior Color “Pelle Nera VM 8500 Connolly” (Black Connolly Leather)

April 14th, 2006 Upon completion of inspections and correspondences, this Daytona was issued a certificate of authenticity and identity by Ferrari Factory on Certificate No. 0020082. (This was a precursor to the later Ferrari Classiche program.)

March 7th, 2007 Issued a certificate Original Exterior and Interior Colors by the Ferrari Factory on Certificate No. 0020176.

September 10th, 2007 Issued a 2nd certificate Original Exterior and Interior Colors by the Ferrari Factory on Certificate No. 0020176.

April 2009 Consigned for sale by Standage to Ferrari of New Port Beach with an asking price of $375,000.

August 9th, 2009 Observed and inspected at Ferrari of New Port Beach, with California plates “FER GTB4” and still painted red with black interior.

March 27th, 2009 Observed again at Ferrari of New Port Beach with an odometer reading of 39,802 miles.

September 4th, 2010 Observed again at Ferrari of New Port Beach with an odometer reading of 39,807 miles.

2011 Extensively restored and reconditioned with all new correct original silver metallic paint and correct “Factory” interior and new “Mouse Hair” dash.

September 2011 From September 2011 until January of 2012, advertised for sale on-line, in the Ferrari Market Letter, The Sport Car Market Letter and other various places by Wayne Carrini of F40 Motorsports in Portland, Connecticut. Usually described in the advertisements as follows:

“Fresh original silver repaint by F40 Motorsports on a California car, black interior, $345,000."

March, 9th, 2012 Consigned by and sold by Gooding and Company at their 2011 Amelia Island Auction and purchased by Robert “Bob” White of Scottsdale, Arizona.

January 16th, 2015 Consigned by Standage to Gooding and Company at their 2015 Scottsdale, Arizona Auction and purchased by Thomas Hartley Junior of London, England.

August 25th, 2018 Purchased by Symbolic International, San Diego, California.

Daytona 16647 Today:
Our company has been aware of this particular Ferrari Daytona for nearly 30 years having first been made aware of it in the early 1990s when still with the second owner and a long-time favored client, Professor Stanley Zagorski. At that time during the purchase of another Daytona from Miller Motor Cars in Greenwich, Connecticut we had it inspected along with another of Zagorski's Ferraris and aggressively tried to negotiate a purchase but were not able to come to an agreement.

Over the years, this Ferrari crossed our paths again on several occasions during ownership with Dennis McCann and later when offered for sale in California and at various subsequent auctions prior to our eventual purchase in August of this year.

Please review the provided inspection photos carefully as they give an excellent overview of the entire vehicle as well as its quality and condition. The original books and manuals remain with the vehicle and the tool and jack kits are also include with the purchase. This Ferrari has and incredible four-inch thick binder of the original records, invoices and assembly details going back to the original order and each subsequent sale. It is by far the most comprehensively documented Ferrari Daytona we have ever encountered.

This is a completed documented, all matching number, rust and accident free example. All services are zero time fresh as are all safety checks.

All of this Ferrari's individual assembly details including the engine internal number, transaxle internal number, hidden body number, options and color combination were submitted to Ferrari for verification and all details confirmed by Ferrari to match the vehicle's original construction details. The Ferrari Factory has invited and encourages the next owner to submit the vehicle for full “Red Book” certification in their current “Classiche" program.