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1993 Ferrari 348TB Competizione

1993 Ferrari 348 GT Competizione

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348TB Competizione
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1993 Ferrari 348 GT Competizione No 5 of 50

Year 1994
Make  Ferrari
Model 348
Type GT Competizione (F119AB)
Build No 5 of 50
VIN No ZFFUA35B00097357
Engine Number Ferrari 3.4L F119H *34746*
Gearbox Number 156625
Assembly Sequence No 14362
Exterior Color Rosso Corsa (Code “FER 300/12”)
Interior Color Black
Mileage 9,275 Kilometers / 5,763 Miles

Ferrari 348 GT Competizione Background:
In 1993 Ferrari put their 348 TB on an intensive weight reduction program while also improving performance and handling by refining and reengineering the suspension, brakes, engine and gearbox.  This new, ultra-limited production model was given the name 348 GT Competizione.  This new competition oriented Ferrari weighed in at just 1,180kgs.  This was an incredible near 200kgs (440lbs) off the weight of the regular production 348TB.

The new 348 GT Competizione model was specifically designed for the GT Championship.  Safety equipment was carried over from the Challenge versions and the braking system was derived directly from the F40 Evoluzione model, with the quirky and cumbersome ABS unit completely deleted.  Front and rear suspension was dramatically revised with far more camber in the front end, and a completely new rear subframe that helped to significantly lower the center of gravity and further reduce un-sprung weight on the rear wheels as well as increasing rear-track by a full one-inch.  Revised spring and shock settings further sharpened handling and overall vehicle performance.

Further improvement in performance and overall drivability came from an unlikely place, with the removal of the rather “sloppy” cable actuated shifter to a full mechanical rod-actuated shift mechanism.  This improvement dramatically increased positive gear changes without the fear of missing a gear or not fully engaging a gear as had been common on the regular production 348s.  A new 3.4-liter F119H engine received higher compression (10.8:1) pistons and cylinder heads as well as significantly taller intake manifold plenums.  As a result of vastly improved engine gas-flow, a higher capacity fuel pump, new recirculation and pressure regulation system was installed.  This increased fuel pressure from 3.4 bar to 3.8 bar.  Further changes included a new BOSCH Motronic M2.7 fuel injection and ignition system and an all new, free-flowing exhaust system removed spent gasses through larger quad-tipped exhaust pipes just below the rear valence.  All of these improvements and modifications took engine output from 300 to 320bhp and peak torque was now 324NM at just 5,000rpm!  With the increase in engine output, the gearbox and final drive ratio were given different gearing to take advantage of the added power and improve both acceleration and overall top speed.

To bring the weight down, Ferrari used carbon-kevlar composite materials for the front and rear bumpers and valences as well as the entire door structures.  The standard rear glass window was eliminated and a new light-weight polycarbonate one instead installed.  Additional interior trim pieces such as ECU covers and door sills also were now completed in carbon-kevlar.  A significant amount of weight was also derived with the removal of the ABS braking system, something clearly not needed on a competition oriented vehicle.  The overall goal with the weight-reducition program was not simply to reduce weight but to also lower the center of gravity wherever possible, which further improved handling and overall vehicle performance.  An interesting feature of the new 348 GT was a smaller fuel tank that not only reduced weight but also allowed for a reinforced frame and frame bracing in the vehicle's front end.  This further improved rigidity and overall vehicle handling.

From a visual standpoint,the original “silhouette” of Ferrari's 348 was still there, but the car sported many easy distinguishable differences.  On the outside, prominent “Scuderia Ferrari” ceramic shields were inset on each front wing and the right rear of the deck-lid had a “348 GT Competizione” badge in chrome script to differentiate the vehicle from the more common siblings.  To further differentiate the new Competizione model, the rear deck-lid upper section and both rockers were now painted body color rather than being “blacked-out.”  Both the front and rear-end carbon-kevlar body panels appeared more pronounced, refined and aggressive.  The wheel wells were now filled out even better with the use of modular, three-piece 18-inch Speedline light-alloy wheels.  These new rims were fitted likewise with larger front and rear tires.  Font tires were now 225/40Z-18 and rears were 255/40Z-18.

On the inside, obvious changes were apparent in several areas especially the door sills and the unique steering wheel which noted clearly which individual sequential production number had been assigned to the vehicle.  When Ferrari announced and introduced this new model, they declared that just 50 similar examples would be completed. 42 of these were delivered with left-hand-drive steering and eight with right-hand steering.  All fifty were spoken for and sold prior to the last example being finished.  Today they remain the most unique and interesting sub-model of the 348 line and a truly collectible variation of the original 348 theme.

1993 Ferrari 348 GT Competizione VIN: ZFFUA35B00097357
This particular 348 GT Competition is number 5 of the 50 examples completed.  It was built in model/production year 1993 under assembly sequence number 14362.  It was fitted new with engine number "Ferrari 3.4L F119H *34746*” and gearbox / transaxle number “156625” both of which remain in this Ferrari today.  It was standard in configuration and otherwise nearly identical to the other 49 examples completed. 

This particular Competizione was one of the 42 examples completed with left-hand-drive steering configuration.  Seven of the eight right-hand-drive examples were sold in the UK and one sold new in Singapore.  This vehicle was built to normal “Italian Market / Domestic Use” specification but when sold new in 1994, it was not road-registered.  The vehicle was first identified publicly when it was registered for the road for the first time in Japan on May 6th, 1997 on Gifu City plates “34 2530.”  At that time, it was registered as a “New Car” but this likely simply meant that the vehicle had no previous mileage or registration.

The Japanese Road Registration Records thereafter record subsequent registration and ownership changes through two different museum collections and several prominent dealers with very few kilometers being added to the vehicle over the next 20th years until the purchase of this Ferrari by our company in October of this year.  Total mileage at the time of our purchase was 9,275 kilometers, or 5,763 miles.  The Japanese road-registration records identify the following date recorded mileage:

May 19th, 2008 5,800 Kilometers / 3,604 Miles

September 28th, 2010 9,100 Kilometers / 5,654 Miles

October 2nd, 2017 9,275 Kilometers / 5,763 Miles

This Ferrari 348 GT Competizione is sold complete with the correct original jack and tool kits as well as correct pouch, manuals and documents as originally provided and sold new with these vehicles.  This is a completely rust and accident free vehicle with just over 9,000 original kilometers (5,763 miles) from new.  This Ferrari is completely original, un-restored and un-mofidied and remains configured exactly as delivered new with all original paint and it is completely matching numbers.  All of the rare carbon fiber special body panels, such as the doors, front and rear body panels and the front and rear opening panels remain with the vehicle.  All of the other numerous special unique “GT Competizione” parts and items also remain with this Ferrari.