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1988 Porsche 959

1988 Porsche 959 Komfort

Vehicle Specifications
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Engine No:
Exterior Color:
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-Ultra-rare, special order, special wish example
-Unique one of one configuration
-Three owners from new
-Matching numbers
-Complete records, receipts and documentation from new
-Complete original books, tools, safety equipment and spares packaging
-Ultra low, 10,300 original kilometers from new (6,400 miles)
-Perfect mechanicals and cosmetics
-All services and safety checks current and up to date

Year 1988
Make Porsche
Model 959
VIN No *WPOZZZ95ZJS900248*
Engine No *65H00310*
Engine Type M959/50
Gearbox No *75H00318*
Gearbox Type G59/01
BAUR Build/Job No *53900224*
Production Sequence No 242
Exterior Color Special Order Black
Interior Color Special Order Black
Ordering Dealer Porsche Factory Direct Client Delivery
Completed December 1988
Sold December 28th, 1988
Mileage 10,130 Kilometers (6,294 Miles)

-Special Order Options Exclusive Client Request (Code 00011, 00311 & 00321)
-Color to Sample Exterior “0011 color to sample special wish A1 black"
-Color to Sample Interior “0031 interior to sample special wish / leather black "
-Sport Seats Left and Right “0032 carpet to sample special wish / black"
-Electrically Operated Seats Left and Right
-Special Bridgestone Tires
-Vehicle to Domestic German Road-Rule Specifications
-Factory Direct Delivery with Road Registration

Porsche 959 Background:
A stunning expression of Porsche's technical prowess and unwavering commitment to victory, the 959 continues to electrify sports-car enthusiasts even today, 30 years after production commenced. Conceived following the 1980 installation of Peter Schutz, who as Porsche company president favored intensive development of the 911, the 959 was rooted in the all-wheel-drive 911 concept debuted at the 1981 Frankfurt Motor Show. This was followed by the twin-turbo Gruppe B of 1983, inspired by the short-lived FIA rally class. Introduced to great anticipation at the 1985 Frankfurt Motor Show, the 959 was built upon a highly modified galvanized body shell derived from the 930, but radically updated. Lightweight composite body panels included the first production use of DuPont Kevlar, plus aluminum for the doors and front lid, and a polyurethane nose cap. Almost relentless wind-tunnel testing yielded zero lift, high downforce, and optimal cooling airflow. Underpinnings featured three ride-height positions and shock-damping settings, microprocessor-controlled ABS brakes with ventilated, cross-drilled discs, and run-flat tires. The 2,849 cc flat-six featured water-cooled cylinder heads, twin sequential turbochargers, and intercooling to deliver 450bhp. Power was transmitted through electronically controlled all-wheel drive. Top speed was just over 200mph, with acceleration from rest to 60 mph achieved in just 3.6 seconds.

In 2012, after nearly 25 years of trouble-fee enjoyment, this 959's front polyurethane nose panel was damaged and required replacement. The repairs and paintwork were carried out at Porsche Client Services under the supervision of Jan Heilmann. At the same time, it was agreed that this 959 would receive a full update to Porsche Factory 959 Stage II updates. The entire drive train were carefully removed and completely overhauled and rebuilt with a variety of updates and improvements that included, smaller and faster spooling turbos, more efficient intercoolers, and a re-mapped ECU amongst many other items. After the completion of the repairs and the Stage II updates, Porsche put this 959 on a dynamometer test stand and which indicated that engine peak horsepower was now 594.5bhp which corrected to actual at the wheel horsepower was 557.4bhp, an increase of more than 100bhp over the stock quoted output of 450bhp.

In April of 2013 after the completion of repairs, Stage II updates and full services by the Porsche Factory, the Hagenmeyer 959 was sold via Porsche Client Services to Mr. Philip Radziwill a prominent businessman and classic car collector from Monaco. Total mileage at the time of the sale was just over 7,300 kilometers (4,500 miles.)

After returning to Monaco, it was decided that the paint on the front nose panel was not an exact match. The car was then shipped to famed paint specialists, Ross Packard Paintwork in New Milton, Hants, UK, on the South Coast of England near the port cities of Southhampton and Portsmouth. The work was to a standard far above that originally available in the 1980s. The quality of the repaint is so good in fact that it has on several occasions fooled even the most knowledgeable experts who all believed after inspections that it had never been painted. The vehicle paintwork was completed in January of 2016 and this 959 now having covered 9,500 kilometers (5,900 miles) was sold to an American collector in California joining an extensive array of the worlds finest Porsches, Ferraris and other notable marques. After formal import and road-registration in the States, this 959 saw very little use during his short ownership and our company was fortunate enough to be able to acquire it in March of 2017.